Impericon Festival @ Manchester Academy

May 4th 2015 (Bank Holiday Monday)
Review & Photography by Billy Edmonds
Today is bank holiday Monday; my first proper day off in ages and i’m traveling a fair old distance from Essex to Manchester but all with good reason. Today I am attending a mega event, Impericon Festival.

Impericon festival has so far already done a fair chunk of Europe, playing with a different line up each show (Which is pretty insane right?). With a pretty impressive line up every time is no wonder a fair few of the shows have sold out! There’s a mixture of hardcore to death metal here and the atmosphere is only to be described as incredible and lively!


This band really takes me back to my teenage years. Adept was one of the first bands I  properly listened to as a teenager and could be said that they was one of the bands that helped me get into “proper” Metal. They currently have 3 studio albums out, which were all bangers! Now I have managed to see adept before on a different tour in 2011,they was pretty insane back then as well so i’m pretty looking forward to seeing how well they pull off a bigger venue. The first thing that came to my mind when they came onto stage was how much healthier  Robert Ljung seems be and it appears that he has started to take care of himself, his entire being just seems generally better than when I last saw them. His energy is stronger, faster and livelier. His Vibe is brighter and he is just a better person in himself. Opening with The ocean grave the crowd doesn’t seem to interested, But it is only 13:30 in the afternoon on a bank holiday Monday. Most of the people who are here currently have been queuing up since early this morning and the other half are too drunk to care! Sadly i didn’t get any pictures of Adept, by the time we had sorted our passes 3 songs was already over! To me, I think they played a brilliant show.


The first metal band on the bill for today, the middle of the room is currently filled with people windmilling, fly kicking and going absolutely insane and I really don’t blame them.


Desolated are one of them bands that instantly makes you want to beat the living hell out of someone, They’re brutal bass and break downs were just a pure call for a wall of death, not that one happend (Sadly). I am highly impressed with there stage presence for such a underground band and how they get the crowd to react to them and how well They control people. Definitely a band I would love to see again! My only real comment on them which is bad is I wish they would turn they’re amps up a tadd! At times all you could hear was the Bass and vocals. Not too great at a venue this big!  This was also a rather speical show for Desolated as it was their last show with their bassist Dan whose just been accept to become a pilot in the RAF. From everyone here at IV we wish you the best of luck and do your country proud!



One of the only bands I haven’t actually heard of on this bill, Ingested are a Death metal band from Manchester (Pretty local for them eh?) They’re sound reminded me a lot of Dying Fetus but with a Suicide Silence edge.  With devil horns being raised all over the place and enough hair flying everywhere to maybe even make Manchester Academy take off Ingested seemed to be known by nearly everyone else but me!

Sadly though you can tell that the tour had taken a toll on the band and they all seemed tired. Either the tour or they was just partying too hard! This didn’t stop them trying to put on a killer performance which they did.


Being As An Ocean:

This is a band I have been really looking forward to seeing for a very long time! Being As An Ocean are a Melodic Hardcore band from California U.S.A, In 2013 Michael Mcgough joined the band After just leaving The Elijah (Who sadly broke up) Michael has really brought allot to the band; with clean vocals which are impressively tightly locked in Live, He may well have helped to bring the band to what they actually are now!


This doesn’t mean that the rest of the band aren’t to be praised at all!


They unfortunately don’t tour the UK Too much, so as soon as I noticed their name on the bill I absolutely had to be there! Being As an Ocean are well known for there inspirational speeches and what can only be said as very meaningful lyrics, of which has even helped me through a few rather tight situations!  Now the reason they don’t tour the UK often is pretty beyond me because they have a very large fan base here (that is by the amount of people here at Manchester Academy screaming the lyrics as loudly as their vocal chords will allow). Most of the crowd knew exactly who they was and exactly what they stand for. Being as an oceans lead singer (Joel Quartuccio) defiantly isn’t one whose scared to be involved with the crowd.


After jumping down onto the barrier and screaming along with fans, He then continued to get into the crowd and go into the middle of the room. He then decided to start a mini mosh pit whilst screaming along with fans. Highly impressed! Being As An Ocean have also been announced to be playing Vans Warped tour this year; So just maybe this means they may even get announced for the UK show?


Carnifex are a Deathcore band all the way in from California; one of the heaviest bands on the bill without a doubt – formed in 2005 and led by Scott Lewis (Lead Vocals).



This guys beard game is strong, As is his love for metal!

This band are clearly here for one thing and one thing only and that’s to be the Fastest, Heaviest and most brutal band on the tour, Although they may struggle to beat Whitechapel they certainly aren’t failing to push the limit. Scott’s movements on stage really gave me a a rather strange feeling that he had been possessed by the Late and brilliant Mitch Lucker!

Carnifex played a number of tracks from a multiple of albums, including my personal favorite ‘Die Without Hope’, which was brilliant to finally hear live.

Deez Nuts:

Deez Nuts may well be one of the biggest names in the current Hardcore community, coming up from Down under (Melboune), Deez Nuts have just released a new studio album called Word is bond which is for sale now! Go check it out!

I have been really looking forward to seeing these guys live and I was right to be! The feeling in the room right now is really electric and the sense of passion for the hardcore community is clear, Hardcore isn’t dead at all. JJ Peters (front man) really called the crowd out on this one and got them all jumping, pumping and singing along.  The pits are alive with more windmills than the Netherlands, Right now its currently 17:30 and people are going crazy, It really doesn’t seem as if anyone want’s Deez Nuts to come off stage. As they Finnish the chants begin for one more song, Sadly nothing came of it!


Stick To Your Guns:

This is one of the band’s I have mainly come here for, I have been listening to STYG since around April last year thanks to my partner who got me into them! Loads of people have told me that they are a band that you really NEED to see and if your reading this and you haven’t seen them you need to get yourself tickets to their next show because there one band you DO NOT want to miss. The feeling as Jesse (lead vocals) came onto the stage are absolutely ecstatic. Crowd surfing begins very quickly with the security kicking me out of the photopit after 2 songs because they felt it was getting slightly too dangerous! Gutting…but safety first kids! Jesse is also known for his strong views on security and they’re behavior towards the fans, often pulling them up for doing something wrong but this time (Luckily for them) they all stayed pretty calm this time and did their jobs perfectly.


Stick To Your Guns have had quite a fair bit of trouble on this tour. Their bus seemed to have been constantly breaking down (which it did the morning of this show as well!)  and every single thing that could have gone wrong practically did. This didn’t stop them nor did it deter their spirits. I knew STYG had a massive fan-base in central Europe but I really didn’t know just just how bigger fan-base they have in England, Safe to say its HUGE.


This band has been said that they could well be on their way to becoming the next Lamb of God. I’ll admit I was a little wary of these guys because during the day and I haven’t seen many people wearing their merch, but as soon as Stick To Your Guns came off the stage a sea of Chapel fans just appeared out of the darkness!

Coming on with a track; The Saw is Law from their fifth Studio album ‘Our endless law’ the feeling in the room becomes very clear very quickly. With screams brutal enough to melt even the queens face, and enough strobe lights to be able to give Morse code to international space station and also enough smoke to be able to reenact the smog from the old’ London day. Whitechapel clearly pay their lighting guy well, as the lighting, along with the rest of the band just worked so perfectly, Guitar solo? No problem, Strobe lights, flashing and a mass of Blue and green beams. Seems as if Watching Whitechapel live isn’t just about seeing them, it’s also about how good the back lighting is! Have to admit, it did add to the show.


The Ghost Inside:

Right now, it’s 20:45 and everyone is looking like they are getting pretty warmed up for the main act, but this isn’t before people loose themselves just one more time, The Ghost inside are a metalcore band all the way in from California USA. Another band I have been excited to see for a number of years and every single year they tour I’m either working or at a festival or even better, not in England!



Every single song is known by basically everyone in the room and are being sung word for word. Bodies are flying all over the joint with people falling over from the pits which seem to be getting bigger and bigger with each band and the fans are screaming for more!


Closing the set with Engine 45, the entire room just completely went crazy with crowd participation. at one point i’m not even sure I could hear Jonathan (lead vocals) at all anymore over the amount of people who was singing along. Incredibly tight band and very good live! Definitely want to catch them on their next tour of England!


Suicide Silence:

The room is dark, people are screaming Eddie’s name and smoke is pouring onto the stage as the boys walk onto to a green backlit stage and open with ‘No Pity For A Coward’.

Alot of people doubt and really criticize Eddie as his skills as the front man but in my personal opinion, I feel he might actually be better than the late Mitch Lucker! Eddie himself has already said that in no way does he think that he has replaced Mitch but I do feel that the band has completely changed since they lost Mitch in 2012. Their image and general attitude has also changed into something which I just don’t think Mitch would have allowed. After the second song finishes, the room goes dark, Eddie calls upon the crowd to wake up and everyone knows exactly what is about to happen, The famous lyrics “You only live once so just go f*cking nuts* is being shouted by nearly every single person within Manchester Academy And you can see how happy this is making the entire band, Mark (Lead Guitar) And Dan (Bass) Exchange smiles.


The fact that the band has been on tour now for around 3 weeks solid doesn’t seem to have effected them too much. The energy on stage is intense, fast and powerful. Suicide silence know that they are one of the biggest metal bands on the planet at the moment and use this to their full potential. The crowd surfing starts properly when Eddie starts telling people to get up front, you can almost see the showtec guys giving Eddie the finger as he walks back to the drum kit ready to start. As the drums kick in, a mass of crowd surfers start coming over the barrier, also along with enough strobe lights to literally be an airport!

Halfway through the set and Eddie invites Phil Bozeman (Carnifex) onto the stage to help him perform Unanswered, and I am incredibly impressed. I didn’t actually know the full capability of Phil’s voice until that moment, as I’m standing there completely blown away, I look to my right and see one of the biggest circle pits I have ever seen in a venue like this. It literally has taken up the entire room with anyone who isn’t in the pits are head banging, pumping their horns and just generally having an amazing night.

The show ended with the song that probably got Suicide Silence to where they are now, ‘You only live once’ and it was THE song to end to, but it wasn’t just the end of the evening…it was the end of the entire tour. It seemed as if Suicide Silence was revealed that the tour was over and that they was now looking forward to a good few weeks rest before they head back out on a European tour in July/August. Sadly there are no England dates just yet.


1. No Pity For A Coward
2. Inherit The Crown
3. Wake Up
4. Slave’s to Substance
5. Cease to exsist
6. Unanswered
7. Fuck Everything
8. Medley(Disengage/Girl of Glass/ The Price of Beauty/Smoke)
9. You Can’t Stop Me
10. You only Live Once