Mercury Killed Newton – Inertia [EP]

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/Label: Big Cartel/Bandcamp
Released: 2013
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Mercury Killed Newton - Inertia [EP]Band Line up

James Hind – Vocals
Tim Smyrk – Lead Guitar
Brad – Rhythm Guitar
John Evans – Bass
Phil Gregory – Drums

Track Listing

1. Shear
2. Catalyst
3. Sanctuary
4. Momentum
5. Surface


Mercury Killed Newton are a groove metal 5 piece hailing from Leeds, and “Inertia” is their debut EP that was actually released back on 13th December 2013.

Formed when lead guitarist Tim Smyrk, Bassist John Evans and Rhythm Guitarist Brad McArdle were all at Uni at Leeds, the band were  completed by Vocalist James Hind and Drummer Phil Gregory when they joined the band in September 2012.

The EP kicks off with the opener “Shear”, with its haunting intro, catchy Gojira like hook, and heavy main riff, it’s a worthy start to any album, let alone a band’s first effort.

Next up is my personal favourite “Catalyst” with its interesting Gothy/Groove fusion intro giving way to a full on brutal assault on your senses that to me is the centre piece of the EP. The instrumental “Sanctuary” is the wee calm before the hard hitting “Momentum” and its mash up of riffs.

“Surface” completes the EP with it’s sombre start before blessing us with some choppy riffs of the highest order that is a fitting end to the EP.

For a first effort, this is a very good EP, my only gripe is that I personally didn’t like the production on it, as things seemed to get a bit jumbled and the overheads from the drums seemed to overpower some elements of tracks, but the quality of the music meant that I really enjoyed the EP.

My advice to everyone would be to go and get a copy of this EP and enjoy it! Secondly would be to see these guys live, as I reckon they could be the real deal.

Review by Gavin Lowrey