The European melting pot that is Strauss have revealed their second EP Luia over at The Sludgelord. A five track riff-a-thon, the EP has garnered much praise, including Doomed And Stoned proclaiming of “Eclipse”, “Stef’s singing goes full-on sludge, leading into a dark, sparse middle-section that builds in intensity to the point of near insanity.” Meanwhile, Toilet Ov Hell named Strauss as “a band that dabbles in so many sonic palettes it’s a true wonder that the musical picture they paint is as focused and coherent as it is.” 



The Sludgelord commented in the stream: “It’s even better than their debut EP with the band creating more hard-rocking riffs and killer vocals to match.


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London brings people together from all walks of life. So when a French guitarist met two Italians, a Spanish guitarist and a British bassist, it seemed destiny to make noise together as Strauss (a Germanic name of course). They’re now set to release their second EP Luia around late May. Drawing from common wells of Kylesa, Kyuss and Red Fang, the fuzz-charged grooves they conjure up on second EP Luia are infectious and dirt-laden, so you may well catch something. Meanwhile vocalist Stef possesses both crooning tones and a manic bark to contrast.


Strauss started out with modest intentions: “met one day and decided to make some noise…that’s it really.” The group eventually centered around London as their stomping ground, and quickly got their heads together to create their second EP, which received high praise from reviewers around the ‘net. Building on this success, the band hit the road far and wide, even reaching Latvia’s Fontaine Festival and Sweden’s SandvikFest to bring their manic parties. Now, it’s time for round two of hitting the studio, and Luia has taken shape spectacularly. The UK fuzz scene has never been in healthier shape, and rarely with a more wicked sense of humor.


Previous praise for Strauss:
Even though it’s got these familiar elements, this stew of tunes is quite unlike any sludge/metal/stoner acts I’ve heard before.“- Ride With The Devil


A band that dabbles in so many sonic palettes it’s a true wonder that the musical picture they paint is as focused and coherent as it is.” – Toilet Ov Hell


Fuzzy, southern metal riffing, enjoined by Stef Sacchetto’s jaded vocals.” – Doomed And Stoned


Strauss are:
Stef – vocals

Charles – guitars

Nando – guitars

Bill – bass

Doc – drums

Strauss online:
Facebook –

Twitter –

Bandcamp –
Soundcloud –

FFO: Red Fang, Kylesa, Kruger, Orange Goblin.


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