Horla/Wytchfilth – Split

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: Unsigned
Distributor/label URL: http://horla.bandcamp.com/album/horla-wytchfilth
Released: February 2015
Buy Album [URL]: http://horla.bandcamp.com/album/horla-wytchfilth
Band Website: Horla

Horla1Band line-up:

Horla – O.G. – All Instruments
Wytchfilth – Grief – All Instruments


1. Horla – Cutting Away What is Old
2. Horla – Life
3. Wytchfilth – Void and the Hollow
4. Wytchfilth – Rats and Soil


I think the one word to sum up this split by two new Norwich based Black Metal acts is: disappointing.

That said, I only think one of these bands does not have any potential of sticking around for much longer and that is first band Horla. The first track on this split is just an extra long instrumental piece which didn’t seem appropriate for a split release. From what I gather, I split release with a fellow band is meant to showcase the group’s best gems in order to get their fans interested – and a three minute instrumental which would be more appropriate for a full length album really did not bode well this time.

Then, there was ‘Life’ the only real song by Horla here, which did not jump out at me in the slightest. There are touches of blues and rock n roll structures to it and certainly some moroseness, but it changes direction with a soundbite and then slows to completely different tempo. This band is all over the place and I think the guy running it should have figured out his pathway in the black metal world before making this split.

And secondly, we have the slightly more impressive group Wytchfilth. This guy has been making industrial black metal for over 10 years now so this felt more like it. ‘Void and the Hollow’ has a nice arrangement of synthesizers and a well programmed drum machine with lashings of Samael and Nine Inch Nails here and there. Something which will please all the industrial lovers who pick this up.

And we end on ‘Rats and Soil’. There’s an eeriness to it that makes me want to listen to it on repeat and is quite a relief after the boredom of Horla. Kind of song to enjoy by candlelight or if you want to know what distorted anguish personified in music sounds like.

This is one of those splits where only one band steals the show. Nice work Wytchfilth but Horla I think needs to return to the drawing board.

Review by Demitri Levantis