Vanhelga – Angest

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Folter Records
Released: 2015
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Band Line up:

145188 – All Instruments
Ejnarsson – Guitars
D. Franzén – Drums
Gabrielson – Lyrics


Track Listing:

1. Depression
2. Pessimist
3. Sorg
4. Unknown
5. Suicide
6. Angest


May 29th sees the re-release of Swedish black metalers Vanhelga’s 2011 EP, Angest. Formed in 2001 by former Lifelover member J. Ottosson, aka 145188 andVanhelga (translates as Profane), this bandexplores the darker side of humanity. This re-release is a prime example of such exploration.

Beginning with opening tracks ‘Depression’ and ‘Pessimist’, we are firmly in the dark world of cold and sinister black metal. This is what the darkness sounds like. However, third track ‘Sorg’ (translates as Mourning) pierces through the darkness like a light from the heavens. This beautiful melodic track is a stark comparison to the ferocious darkness that proceeded it. It has an almost shoegaze quality to it that immediately draws reminds me of Deafheaven.

Just when you thought the EP may take a turn down a different musical path, the darkness returns to swallow you back up with ‘Unknown’ and ‘Suicide’. With menacing, disturbing vocals and relentless guitars, the light of ‘Sorg’ is but a distant memory.

At a brisk twenty five minutes, Angest is short and….I can’t really say sweet can I? No. It is a short and emphatic example of what this band are capable of. They can deliver the darkest and most depressive of black metal, yet they can compliment it with melody and musicianship. For someone looking for a new band in the black metal world, this EP is a great way to whet the appetite for a great band.

Review by Mark Hunter