Gallows @ The Garage, London

26th May 2015
Review By Billy Edmonds


It’s the day after bank holiday Monday, It’s sunny and mega hot. I’m currently on my way to London to see Gallows tear a new one out of The Garage. It’s been a while since I saw these boys so I’m pretty excited to get in and see what they have to offer and how much they have changed over the last couple of years, but before them, there is a quite impressive line up to go through.

Creeper is an Indie/Hardcore band from Southampton. I’ve never actually heard of them before myself but first song in and I’m pretty hooked. Their image really reminds me of something that you’d find in The Mighty Boosh. Don’t ask me why, but it’s just some kind of personal feeling I get; maybe it’s Will Gould’s (lead vocals) uncanny resemblance to Noel Feilding? Their sound is pretty tight and has a real Against Me/Sum 41/My Chemical Romance feel. It took me a little while to actually realise who Will’s voice properly reminded me of, and it’s defiantly Gerrard Way. I can’t say that they’re a band that can really get a crowd jumping though from what I hear this evening. However, this really doesn’t mean they don’t try. A number of times they call for a circle pit but nothing comes of it, but that may be because the night is still young. This really shouldn’t put you off seeing these guys because they defiantly hold some great potential and maybe one day I’ll see them on their own headline tour!

Baby Godzilla  is a band that I have been constantly told to check them out by my friends, family and colleagues and because of this I’m pretty excited to finally see what the boys have to offer. From what I have been told their shows are fast, brutal and sweaty. None of this information I was given was anything less than correct; with people in the middle of the room drowning in their own sweat and white shirts slowly becoming grey it’s clear that Baby Godzilla are a massive hit with everyone.

I think they may well hold the record for quickest time into the crowd; within 10 seconds of them starting their set, both Matt Reynolds (lead vocals/guitar) and Johnny Hall (guitar/backup vocals) are in the crowd, full on jamming with everyone.

I can literally see the head of security guy in the pit shaking his head a number of times; this may be because Baby Godzilla manage to break neigh on every single health and safety rule ever created during their set tonight. With amps being thrown into the crowd, guitars flying everywhere and mic stands being flung around I am pretty shocked no one gets majorly hurt.
Baby Godzilla have been around since around 2009 but only really came to light in the last few years and was even nominated for a Kerrang! Award last year for best live band, which given tonight, I am honestly shocked they didn’t win.

I can honestly say I haven’t seen a band this lively for quite a few years; it’s as if that they have all drunk a crate of Redbull mixed with Monster and Rockstar EACH. The energy just doesn’t seem to run out, for the entire set the band are changing places. Matt also decides he wanted to go on an adventure, by this I mean he climbs up the sound booth and walks around the edge of the ceiling on a ledge that must be no bigger than around 2 foot all whilst screaming at everyone to start moving. This band is INCREDIBLE. If you haven’t seen them already, get yourself to your nearest show. You WILL NOT REGRET IT.  I really cannot wait to see these boys again; they defiantly got themselves a new fan!

Gallows are a hardcore punk band from Watford. They have been around since around 2005, having just released their third studio album, Desolation Sounds, which was thrown onto the shelves in April, and  Gallows are keen to rip up England. They have literally just finished playing Slam Dunk Festival which was described by Wade Mcneil (Vocals) as “Pop Punk Hell”, but this doesn’t seem to be effecting any of the band whom are currently going crazy. I have seen Gallows before when they played my local; which is rather tiny in comparison with the size of The Garage so I’m pretty interested to see how they hold up and perform at a bigger venue.

The hardcore scene in England may sometimes feel as if it’s dying out but tonight it’s clear, English hardcore is still well and truly alive. The atmosphere in the room is so strong. The mosh pits are alive and kicking, I see three people get taken out and all picked up instantly and this makes me really smile; it reminds me of how concerts used to be, when all that mattered was that everyone was having a good time and was safe. Gallows have had a few line up shake arounds in the last couple of years after loosening Frank Carter (former lead vocalist) in 2011. A lot of people doubted whether Gallows would ever pick up again.

To all those people; you were all very clearly wrong to have such doubts, for new singer Wade Mcneil  has given Gallows a whole new edge over other hardcore bands. His image and his attitude on stage really adds to the music. He also shows that not everyone from Canada is chilled out. His energy has clearly brought the band closer and made them more intense and crazy. Wade used to also be a member of Alexisonfire  but left in 2011 to help front Gallows, which in my mind was the best move he has ever made.

Tonight’s set features songs new and old, opening with “Mystic Death” and then going straight into “Everybody Loves You (When You’re Dead)”- Gallows definitely know how to use their set to get to people.

The encore is possibly the shortest I have ever seen. I am pretty disappointed by this but this is literally the only thing that I can say that hasn’t been great about this evening. Other than that I couldn’t recommend Gallows anymore, and too anyone who hasn’t actually managed to see them yet; next time they tour MAKE SURE YOU GET TICKETS.

Gallows Set List

1. Mystic Death
2. Everybody Loves You (When You’re Dead)
3. Last June
4. Mondo Chaos
5. Leviathan Riot
6. 93/93
7. Outsider Art
8. Misery
9. Bonfire Season
10. Austere
11. Chains
12. In The Belly Of A Shark
13. Leather Crown
14. Cross of Lorraine
15. Orchestra Of Wolves


16. True Colours