Fret!- Attune/Cowboy

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Cruel Nature Records and Shy Bairns Records
Released: 2014
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Band Lineup:Attune and Cowboy

Steve Strode- twang
Rob Woodcock- flails
Cath Tyler- thrum/vox


1. Attune
2. Cowboy


What a diverse entity Cruel Nature Records are proving to be! After flinging us this monstrosity of noise a couple of months ago, we now have some “a little more easy listening”, coming in the form of a seven inch from alternative rockers Fret!. Although the band is only four years old, this is the trio’s ninth musical output, which sees their older, more psychedelic sound punched down into fist-sized chunks.

Given the western-feel that dominates A-side track “Attune”, I feel that the track names should have been swapped over here. It is a dusty, moody rocker, with minimalist, post-punk styled guitar interjected with the smoky voice of Cath Tyler and her foreboding melodies.

“Cowboy” has a more eerie feel, with impatient d-beat drumming and a bass track that rudely stomps its way through the song. This one is atmospheric yet pugnacious, and leaves me slapping the nearest table along with the rhythm.

Whilst falling into the wide, open category of alt-rock, Fret! are hard to put in a specific place. Much like this record, they are somewhat of a misfit act, but one that all fans of exciting, diverse music should keep their very beady eyes on.

Review by Jarod Lawley