Interview with Kitty von Crypt

Interview by Jarod Lawley

Kitty von Crypt is an alternative fashion, fetish and glamour model based in the UK, who works on photo sessions, fashion shows, events and much more- putting her own unique styles into all of her efforts.

Photography: Fiendarella
Photography: Fiendarella
Thanks for doing this interview with us today, could please introduce yourself and share how you started modelling?
Hey, thanks for taking the time to chat with me! I’m Kitty Von Crypt, a pint sized alternative model and horror movie fanatic from North Wales, UK. I get asked a lot how I got into modelling and honestly I don’t really remember. It kinda started off just modelling for friends for art projects etc, then one thing led to another and I started shooting for clothing brands/magazines etc!

Photography by Jaded Images
Photography: Jaded Images
Are there any current projects that you are working on that you’d like to tell us about?
Oh I have so much cool stuff going on at the moment that I’m super excited about! I have just been in Scotland for a few days shooting some new images for a clothing brand to be used on their new rage on tshirts, but I can’t say too much about that yet!
Photography: Jaded Images
Photography: Jaded Images
You do a few different styles, from horror/conceptual through to glamour and fetish, do you have a favourite and why?
My fave will always be horror and fetish, especially if I can mix the two together! I’m a huge horror movie fan and I just love to shoot anything that will shock people! I’m active on the fetish scene too so bondage shoots are always fun!
Photography: Biff Snr Photogrpahy
Photography: Biff Snr Photogrpahy
You seem to dress in a few different fashions, punk, metal, bondage, do you have a particular subculture where you feel most at home?
I do tend to change my style alot and I find it kinda hard to put myself into one genre. Some days I’ll be wearing some sort of studs and leather or denim combo, other days you’ll see me dressed in my colourful cat leggings and unicorn jumpers! When people ask me to describe my  dress style I usually say: “Imagine if you took Motley Crue, Sid Vicious and Marylin Manson, put them into a bag and shook that bag up… the outcome of that pretty much describes my style!” haha!
Photography: Jaded Images
Photography: Jaded Images
You seem to change your hair and style often. Does this affect your bookings for shoots or do include extensions/wigs with your outfits?
To be honest I don’t really think my constant changing hair is much of an issue. I have a ton of wigs and when people book me for a shoot I ask straight away what style of hair they’d like me to have, most people are usually happy to go with whatever style I turn up with!
Photography: Jaded Images
Photography: Jaded Images

You have over 21,000 likes on Facebook, did this recognition come gradually or quickly? How do you feel about being so well known in the alternative world?
I think its super cool that so many people follow my stuff and enjoy what I do, it’s really nice to know that I’m not just a crazy lady who poses alot! Haha.

What intrigued you most about the modelling industry?
Surprisingly I’m actually very shy and quiet in real life, I suffer from anxiety and depression and with that comes huge self doubt and low self esteem. Modelling gives me the freedom to get out of my head and become whatever character I desire. When I started modelling I was feeling very bad about how I looked and it really does help boost self confidence!

Photography: Laughing Orc Photography

When in front of the camera, what helps you create the poses? Is there anything in particular you think about or do is just come naturally?
It all comes naturally to me really. If there is a specific theme for the shoot I always make sure to do research into the theme so I can get an idea of the type of posing I’ll need to do.

Do you have anyone you really admire or draw inspiration from?
Oh there are so many models I look up to! Razorcandi, Triz Tass, Lusy Logan, Nancy Harry and Shelly D’inferno just to make a few! I also love the work that Laura Flora and Salleh Sparrow produce and I would love to have the chance to do something like their work some day!

Photography: Laughing Orc Photography
Photography: Laughing Orc Photography

Have you had a favourite shoot to date and why?
Ohh it’s so hard to pick just one! Hmm… I would say either the witch burning shoot I did with Jaded Images and Liberation Makeup Designs for the cover of Necro Girls Magazine or the shoot I have just done for CRMC Clothing!

My best friend Mark from Jaded Images is someone who I work with regularly. He really helped me out when I first got into the whole thing and started my portfolio off for me. I also absolutely love working with Biff Snr and hope to work with him again this year! There are tons of people who I dream of shooting with in the future, Salleh Sparrows photography is something I really want in my portfolio along with many others!

Apart from modelling, what else are your interests and hobbies?
I love horror movies, animals, long walks on the beach and music. I work as an interviewer for an online radio show called ‘Thank Fuck For Metal’ which means I get to go to festivals and interview bands, which is always fun! I interviewed Skindred a few years back and they were awesome, definitely a career highlight for me!

What are your future plans and what do you hope to continue to achieve in the near future?
My dream is to be on the cover of Skin Deep or Total Tattoo Magazine one day! I plan to keep pushing myself out there and work with as many cool people as I can, and hopefully one day in the near future my dreams will become a reality!

Photography: Paulina Czochra Photography

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