Progressive death metal band Alustrium have teamed up with Metal Underground to stream the title track from their forthcoming album A Tunnel to Eden. The album, which is due to be released on July 24th 2015, will be self-released and contains 11 tracks. 



You can stream the track at this location:

The band’s vocalist Jerry Martin released the following statement about the song:

“We feel the song ‘A Tunnel to Eden’ best represents our upcoming album both musically and conceptually. Musically, the song explores a lot of the dynamics listeners can expect from the record. It shows some of the emotional melody that we try to weave into our songs, as well as the hard-hitting technical, yet catchy riffs that we like to think we’re known for. Conceptually, it represents what the album really is to us, our best attempt at coming closer to a perfect paradise and achieving greatness, and it also hits on the theme of the entire record; searching for happiness through whatever means necessary. While this song focuses primarily on addiction, every song touches on our basic needs for self-actualization and perfection. In the end, we’re trying to express that everyone is seeking the same thing.

Further guitarist Mike DeMaria said: “We’re beyond excited to share the title track for our forthcoming record ‘A Tunnel To Eden’ with everyone. It’s a special song for us, being the first thing you hear on the record, as it beckons in the new era of Alustrium. We really strived to contrast beauty against brutality by opening with an orchestral section before the first riff of the song and melding the two together when the orchestral melody makes a resurgence in the song’s final act. We’re really proud of our work, and hope that everyone can find something in this song that resonates with them in a meaningful way.

About Alustrium

Emerging from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Alustrium is introducing the world to a new form of progressive death metal. From intense, technical riffs to lengthy, soulful solos, Alustrium creates a unique blend between melody and fierce brutality. In December of 2010, the band entered the studio under the banner of Toil Records and recorded its debut album, An Absence Of Clarity, which was released world wide in the fall of 2011. Following two years of playing shows throughout the northeast of America, Alustrium recorded their much awaited sophomore album; an album containing even more diversity and raw talent than their previous work. Fans of death metal and progressive metal alike can anticipate a sound unlike any they have heard before. Prepare yourselves, for none can stand up to the onslaught of Alustrium.


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