“Phantom Sun” now streaming at The Sludgelord

Up-and-coming thrasher’s Gomorrah have teamed up with The Sludgelord to reveal their new track “Phantom Sun” from their yet-to-be-titled album which is due later this year. The band’s brand of thrash with a modern touch is highly recommended for fans of Lamb of God, Death Angel and Metallica. 



Listen to “Phantom Sun” here:

The band’s frontman Colton Deem had the following to say about the track:

“This song is but a sample of the new refined Gomorrah sound we’re trying to encompass with the new record. A lot of the new tracks are a bit more diverse in their flow and construct than our prior work. “Phantom Sun” is one of the first songs we finished writing for the album and it’s  a good representation of what’s to come.”

Past praise for Gomorrah:

“Gomorrah play an intense blend of tech death and thrash, that will call to mind such bands as Jungle Rot, Broken Hope.”-Ghost Cult Magazine

‘To The Depths’ is packed with high octane guitar work and is set firmly on fast mode. There’s no slowing down of any kind and purists will be delighted that their concessions to the modern world consist of the impressive production values rather than breakdowns or nods to the hardcore scene”-Metal-Rules

‘It’s nice to hear a band like Gomorrah who don’t fall into the retro trap but also don’t fall foul of trying to sound too modern or commercial either.”-Wonderbox Metal

Gomorrah Online: