UKEM Records reveals cover art for long-awaited Dawn Of Chaos album

UK-based extreme metal label UKEM Records has revealed the cover art for its newest release – ‘The Need To Feed’ by UK death metallers Dawn Of Chaos.

Dawn Of Chaos album cover finalOriginally recorded in 2012, Dawn Of Chaos subsequently split and this fantastic album was put on hold indefinitely until it was revived by UKEM Records. For fans of Insision, Visceral Bleeding and Monstrosity, ‘The Need To Feed’ is due for release on August 1st. Pre-orders are available now through the links below.
1: Blind, Torture, Kill
2: The Thrall Engine
3: Force Fed Embryonic Slurry
4: Engineering Atrocities
5: Muffocated
6: Abominatrix
7: An Austrian Nursery Crime
8. Butchered
9: The Need To Feed