Brunel – Smash On

Rating: 3.5 / 5
Distributor/label: Self Released
Released: May 2015
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Brunel – Smash OnBand line-up:

Jim – Vocals
John – Guitar
Craig – Bass
Ben – Drums

  1. 1 Girl 12 Cups
  2. Beaver Sticks
  3. Scoresheet
  4. High Speed Death
  5. Real Housewives
  6. Smash On
  7. Incredible Quality Of Life
  8. Less Is A Bore
  9. Pass Incomplete

Imagine a bowl of cornflakes…not those own brand substitute knock offs that are like a pack of verrucas but the real deal that come in a box with a bright image of a chicken on it. All the ingredients are spot on and you get just the right amount of flavour and crunch. The thing is though no matter how you dress it up a bowl of cornflakes isn’t a full English breakfast. This could also be said to be true for Brunel. They have all the best ingredients and sound a little like an early morning version of Mudhoney at times so the crunch is definitely there.

I’m sure those that like that discordant anarchy grunge that sat awkwardly opposite Pearl Jam when Seattle briefly became the centre of the music world will love the garage feel of ‘Smash On’. It does have a way of drawing you in so you don’t track skip. Punks out there will love its rawness too, it crosses the grung rock divide rather well. The real issue is that in many ways we’ve heard this all before so matter how well done it’s done it still has a whiff of going over old ground.

With slick mass produced ear fodder now infiltrating even the alt scene to the dismay of many Brunel are delivering the straight up street wise music that has started to make itself heard again. This album will serve up a tasty treat for those who already have an appetite for it and should go down well with those people too young to remember the post punk and grunge filled late eighties.

Review by Gary Trueman