Chronocide announce new album….Meditations

Blackened Grind Crust outfit Chronocide are returning with a new album, ‘Meditations’ is coming out on 14th August via Human Jigsaw Records.

Formed in 2008 with the sole intention of creating harsh, abrasive music without category or limitation, the UK based duo spat out an album of non-stop of blast beats and vicious guitars in 2010. They quickly gained support from the underground and a 2012 split with black metal punks Fifteen Dead followed. After a period of writing and recording punctuated only by select gigs with Anaal Nathrakh and a Damnation Festival pre-show, Chronocide return in 2015 with a record that retains their relentlessly hateful nihilism but boasts a more textured palate of rage.

‘Meditations’ track listing:
1 Burial of the Dead
2 A Cult By Any Other Name
3 Filling Empty Skulls With Shit
4 Martyrs And Victims
5 Perfect Slaves
6 There Is No Revolution 
7 An Objective Morality 
8 Amor
9 What The Thunder Said
Chronicide Meditations

The album will be available in digital format and on limited edition cassette.