Plage – Den Kristne Stank

Rating: 3.5
Distributor/label: Alusia Productions
Released: 2015
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Plage - Den Kristne StankLineup:

Vrede- Vocals
Exord – Guitars
Blizzard – Drums
Zorn – Bass

Guest musicians:
Ynleborgaz (Angantyr) – Additional vocals
Hades (BlackShore) – Additional vocals


1. En Hedensk Kriger
2. Your Gods Fall
3. Chained by Flesh
4. I am Death
5. Den Kannibalske Hærskare
6. Den Kristne Stank
7. Ihjelslår
8. Himlen til Blods


The opening song set the scene for the theme and feel of the entire album; it painted a dark picture in my mind. I could hear tension in the opening sounds, it wasn’t really music as such, but it worked very well. It was like movie sound effects in the opening credits. It conjured to mind a sinister scene, perhaps the aftermath of an event or maybe the build up to it. I felt it gave a good impression with imaginative audio imagery. I could hear fire crackling which grew louder, followed by faint church bells chiming in which gave me images of religious interference, the fall of a society; or something equally as intriguing. It gave an overall feeling of doom and excitement. In short, I was able to appreciate those touches to the album.

The album is a mixture of English and German. While there are songs that are enjoyable in both languages on here, on the whole I actually preferred listening to the songs that were not in English. Even though I didn’t know what they were saying, I found myself nodding along to more German songs than English ones. They include things like deep and echoey sounding voices in the background, further invoking the sounds of a church or chants from some kind of ritual.

I enjoyed the guitar riffs throughout this album, particularly in ‘En Hedensk Kriger’ and ‘Den Kannibalske Hærskare .’ I found them easy to listen to. They often changed up their patterns and melodies within one song and it worked quite well. The vocals were a good fit with the music, sounding villainous and dark.

There was also a guitar solo in the song ‘Den Kristne stanke’ which I thought deserved a mention, this song was not in English but the guitar sounded sorrowful in this particular part. Perhaps you might hear it in a movie scene, playing in the background during the aftermath of an end battle sequence. I think the fact that I don’t speak the language in which the lyrics were sang in forced me to rely solely upon how the music made me feel and what imagery it conjured up, but the experience was a good one!

They slowed down the frantic pace in ‘Ihjelslår’; it was a song driven by drums and not overdone on guitars. It had simple but effective sounding riffs and a good beat. Then, in the fashion reflected in the rest of the album, they change it up and pick up the energy level. There are a couple of songs which paused for a beat and then started up again, I could see that being effective on stage.

Overall I liked listening to this album, I think there will be some black metal fans out there who would lap this up. It is well put together, the songs are cleanly structured and polished. They actually sound like they should have a bigger following than they do on Facebook, I foresee a good future for these guys and I wish Plage the best of luck with it!

Review by Toria Morgan.