Fight Amp – Constantly Off

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Brutal Panda Records
Distributor/label URL: here
Released: 2015
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Band line up :

Mike McGinnis (Guitar/Vocals) 2I2Qjje3JccpshuqP4atEmB6p4x3g9OLLj14szxu4Ss
Jon DeHart (Bass/Vocals)
Dan Smith (Drums)


1.Ex Everything
2.Survival Is Strange
3.Leveling In A Dream
4.You Don’t Wanna Live Forever
5.I Perceive Reptoids
6.Happy Joyful Life


Grunge rock noise has been often instantly either compared to the Melvins, shoe gaze as a genre or in this case it’s hard to pin point the band. There are slung in seconds of sludge that harmonise bitterly against each other , with rich flavours and in some moments the EP has some exploratory gazes around the field of their dynamics.

FIGHT AMPUTATION is a heavy, grungy, hardcore punk crossed with sludge rock trio from the seedy underbelly of Philadelphia’s thriving noise rock scene. Formed in 2004 and drawing influence from Dead Kennedys, Cherubs, all things AmRep, His Hero Is Gone, Eyehategod, punk rock, skateboarding, and foreclosed suburban ghost towns, FIGHT AMP has crafted a sound similar to early Melvins being molested by Queens of the Stone Age.

“Ex-Everything” opens up with an arid noise blast that is as slow as it is powerful, but not for long as it’s interrupted with the muted sea of chaos that is one cymbal slice away from vocal interruption. It’s a strong wielded start to the EP. The band from Philadelphia have a good sound going here that doesn’t let up for the rest of the song or for in fact the EP as it continues the journey.

With “survival is strange” that sounds like The Melvins could have written this, it speedy, flared with vocals that expand the track into something far larger than headphone and speakers could contain. The band have defiantly honed in a sound for themselves since their earlier works that better songwriters than production would have give them credit for.

With a more matured sound about them as well as plenty of gigging experience behind them the band are a tight unit of musicians who aren’t afraid to let their experimental sound come to light within “levelling in a dream” you;re throw into this almost hibernation pod of ambience. The sound of it broils around for about a minute before those signature vocals find themselves back into your head.

Unlike most bands Ep’s there is certain similarity in flavour between them however ,with this release each track brings something new to the table such as “you don’t wanna live forever” has harsher drumming more aggression. Than that of previous tracks and this added almost floating vocal effect on top to send you on a sonic adventure.

It’s hard to fault the magnitude of this EP as you’re suddenly slowed right down in your tracks again by “I perceive reptoids” which begins to change the tone of EP and sounds more like mid-era “Fire Dances” Killing Joke rythemically which is a nice treat to have found.

“Happy joyful life” rounds off the EP with a final blast of guitar trickery and crunchy grunge tones. It’s a quality piece to end the EP off and defiantly a fine contender for a favourite track. It is all over far too soon though! Throughout the EP the band are really pushing for their own sound to be developed and it has been achieved when it’s stacked against their previous work.

Review by Ashlinn Nash