Nahtrunar – Symbolismus

Band Name: Nahtrunar
Album Name: Symbolismus
Rating: [4/5]                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Distributor/label: Altare Productions
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Released: 2015
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1. Auf Totenritt durch Innernächte
2. (I)
3. Wir Leichenvögel
4. (II)
5. Gestalterwandler
6. (III)
7. Symbolismus
8. (VI)
9. Nauthiz Notfeuer
10. Wo der Nachthimmel sich aufspreiz







This is a black metal album that will take you back to the early 90s, the raw vocals and atmospheric music definitely have some Darkthrone “Blaze In the Northern Sky” influence. It takes a couple of listens to truely take in all that this album has to offer, and there are some amazing moments in it. Reading Nahtrunar’s bandcamp it says the albums concept is dedicated to the nights at the turn of the year known as “Rauhnächte” in old European tradition, there’s a lot of superstition around this time of year. They say a portal to the netherworld is open, by which spirits and gods walk freely among mortal men. If this is what “Rauhnächte” sounds like, then the darkness will swallow you up in “Symbolismus”.

The opening track “Auf Totenritt durch Innernächte” instantly hits you with that 90s black metal energy, the guitar riffs are strong and quite memorable. It’s laced with throat ripping vocals that make you want to put on your corpse paint and do your best black metal pose as you head bang along. There are alternating instrumental tracks on this album that Nahtrunar use to tie the album together, the acoustic guitar and beautiful melody of “(I)” add scope. This can also be said of “Wir Leichenvögel” where there are contrasts between tender string moments and guitar riffs, it is beautifully layered together.

The album continues with “Gestaltenwandler” which has some mid section samples that hollow through the guitars, which then spiral into a mesmerizing melody. This leads well into “(III)” that whispers like frost bite into your ears, which finishes leading way for the title track.  “Symbolismus” has a strong guitar riff that carries the song along, however at 08:37 minutes long it drags a little in the mid section for me. The mood is lightened yet again with another instrumental piece and then returns to the blackness with “Nauthiz Notfeuer”. A track that varies its pace well, building you up and engulfing you in noise before ejecting you out the other side of the song. The album ends with “Wo der Nachtimmel sich aufspreiz” which graces us with some true melodies and thick guitars entwined with blast beat style drums.

If it were a cold Scandinavian night in deep winter, this album would be your soundtrack into the blackness.

Reviewed by: Joanna Wilson