Fault- Bullet

Band Name:  FaultPic
Album Name: Bullet
Rating: 4/5  
Distributor/label: Self-released
Released: 2015
Buy Album [URL]: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Fault
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/Faultofficial

Band line-up:

Miran Ribarić – Vocals, Guitar
Tin Ribarić – Guitar, Vocals
David Valenta – Drums
David Hammer Vitasović – Bass

1. Dancing Naked
2. Jackie
3. Get Out
4. Through Your Eyes
5. My Time
6. In The Night
7. Wake Up
8. Hope
9. Alone
10. Broken promises
11. Nobody’s Fault
12. Alive
13. Bullet


Fault got together in 2009 with brothers Tin and Miran Ribaric at the helm and the present line up has remained the same since 2011. This band from Pula, Croatia mixes it up with a blend of hard and modern rock to create a nice mixture of both that works for them.

“Dancing Naked” starts things off with a burst of hard rocking energy, with its powerful riffs and Miran’s gritty vocals. “Jackie” has chugging guitars that get more into the metal sound, though still very melodic, but heavier than the previous track. “Wake Up” is a fantastic fist-pumping hard rock anthem that will get your heart racing. The album has the feel of  the ’80s throughout, but not in a bad way. Kind of like when heavy music was actually on the radio, on TV with videos and all over magazines. It has a reverence for that time and place and actually sounds refreshing nowadays. You can also hear the hints of Axl Rose in the vocals, but since they are fans of Guns’n’Roses and have that ’80s sound going for them it is easy to see that, but again, it’s not done in a bad way at all. It keeps things familiar, but still new sounding. The band is tight, playing with vigour and I have to give them high marks for still being relatively new and playing so well. The riffs are thrilling, the kind to get you playing air guitar along with, the strong bass lines mixed with the action packed drumming really carry the grooves along at a nice clip. The vocals are powerful, they hit those high notes and the brothers mix them up together very well. “Nobody’s Fault” is a standout with the hooks, the riff, and the overall sound that just grabs you.

This is one of those out of nowhere kind of albums that you wouldn’t think to pick up, but you are glad that you did. On this album you get song after song that’s played with love and forces you to hit replay again and again.

Review By: Rick Ecker