My Last Solace – Echoes Follower

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Another Side Records
Released: 2015
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Tracklist:MY LAST SOLACE cover

1. No more
2. Darkness
3. Oasis pt.2
4. New Dawn

Band line-up:

Sergey Davydov – Guitar, Music
Max Samusevich – Vocal, Lyrics
Viacheslav Gavrilov – Bass
Andrey Golovin – Drums




My Last Solace plays a mix of Nu-Metal, Alternative and Melodic Death Metal and “Echoes Follower” does not restrict  its self to one style, I would go as far as to say the album is a stroke of musical genius. It definitely has something for every metal fan out there. Though, there are points when it feels like Max Samusevich (Lead Singer) is wandering away from the music which shouldn’t work,  yet it does. The rest of the band are very tight and this serves to compliment the slightly out of place wandering of of their front man very well.

Max Samusevich’s slight wanderlust is only relevant to a couple of tracks, so although I was a little unsure on the first listen it did not distract me enough not to fall in love with this album on the second. “Echoes Follower” should be greatly received by System of a Down fans and it is difficult not to assume they had a great influence on My Last Solace when listening to Oasis pt 2.

Reviewer: Anita Lyons