Being As An Ocean – Being As An Ocean

Rating: 0.5/5
Distributor/label: Impericon Records
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Released: 2015
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BeingasanOcean1Band line-up: 

Joel Quortuccio – Vocals
Tyler Ross – Guitar, Vocals
Ralph Sica – Bass
Michael McGough – Guitar, Vocals
Connor Denis – Drums



1. Little Richie
2. Ain’t Nobody Perfect
3. The Zealot’s Blindfold
4. Sleeping Sicarii
5. Judas, Our Brother
6. Saint Peter
7. Forgetting is Forgiving the I
8. The World as a Stage
9. Sins of the Father
10. …And their Consequences


Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

But enough about me, let’s review a terrible record.

Hailing all the way from sunny California comes the strangely named melodic hardcore group: Being As An Ocean with their self titled third album. Now I do enjoy hardcore punk and melodic hardcore but in the last 10 years there has been an influx of landfill hardcore groups who think they know the genre when all they’ve done is weld together a breakdown with enough guitars and a bunch of wailing vocals to appeal to any angst ridden teenager who can’t be bothered to tidy their bedroom.

I have given many a band the benefit of the doubt and I did so with this band. But the album is all over the place and left me feeling like I’d lost a fair number of brain cells in the process of subjecting myself to this pile of melodic tripe.

It opens up telling the story of a kid called Richie who seems to have lost his faith in religion and is told with some fairly decent spoken word monologues. But then as we get to ‘The Zealot’s Blindfold’ it starts to fall apart story wise, and if this is a concept album, it’s lost all of the plot. One minute the band are shouting about how this guy feels lost and doesn’t want to be loved by religion anymore, but then there’s all this Christian imagery thrown at your ears which just made me wonder if this is really a Christian hardcore band who are scared to label themselves what they really are.

‘Judas, Our Brother’ has a piano which sounds more like a power ballad but falls apart too quickly with the annoying shouting and boring chug of the guitars in a fashion that just did my head in, leading me to turning off the track several times and not wanting to go back. ‘Saint Peter’ did the same and there were many tracks that didn’t feel worth it because of how badly thrown together this album is, concept and music wise.

How on earth have this band made two albums already? Either this is one of their off albums or some people across the USA think this is what hardcore music of today really sounds like. I couldn’t tell from the concepts if this band were catholic nor if the hero of the album has died and gone to heaven or has renounced his religion completely, because the amount of imagery mashed together just felt like a mangled collage some kid at a primary school shoved together for their latest RE presentation.

‘Forgetting is Forgiving the I’ only brought back bad memories of me thinking all metal was stupid Nu Metal and Emo/Hardcore before I saw the true light. This isn’t something to put into your CD player if you want to steer clear of the past. And the ending two tracks just didn’t redeem it in any shape or form. Was that a sound bite from the Speaking Clock on ‘Sins of the Father’?

OK I’ll stop with all the bile now and say that the good things on this album are the spoken word pieces. If the guy doing them had made his own album of spoken word, accompanied by some music that would suit it like jazz or noise rock, then you’d have a decent album which tells a better story.

This album is all over the place. It’s dumb in terms of musicianship and is just going to contribute to people hating the hardcore and emo genres because this is just making anxiety themed music sound more and more infantile and needs a renaissance fast.

BEING AS AN OCEAN? More like being lost in an ocean of scratchy guitars, dull melodies and hurtful memories. This is a true contender of one of the worst albums of the year. Sorry guys.

Review by: Demitri Levantis