Like Tyrants – Despicable Feelings

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
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Released: 2015
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LikeTyrants1Band line-up:

Nick Wagner – Vocals, Guitar
Jack Adams – Guitar
Matt Hertweck – Guitar
Chandler Thompson – Bass
Dave Conti – Drums



1. Leach
2. Lost My Keys
3. Jealousy
4. Ranch Wilder





I’ve never been a huge fan of Emo and Post Hardcore areas of punk rock, but I was somewhat interested by the latest EP from Ohio outfit Like Tyrants. DESPICABLE FEELINGS is the group’s latest offering to the world of angst ridden modern hardcore, which I’ve come to loathe for many reasons. But I digress. This band were certainly worth the benefit of the doubt when I was sent their latest release.

DESPICABLE FEELINGS opens with ‘Leach’, a piece that reminded me of post-punk fathers Joy Division and had touches of French post-metal group Amesouers here and there so I was quite intrigued. This band were looking back at the roots of ‘post’ rock music and making the most of them in order to remind the listener where this music comes from. Something like that seems so lost in the world of post hardcore today so I was happy to hear a band paying homage to Sonic Youth and the like with the wall of sound and subversive guitars. It does blend into a more pop punk chord progression later so it’ll please those sorts of fans too so good work there.

‘Lost My Keys’ had a more classic punk song structure and didn’t suffer from any boring breakdowns so it was a fresh breath of air to hear some bog standard angst ridden post-hardcore and emo music. ‘Jealousy’ continued this with the classic post hardcore sound but felt a little too regular in comparison to the interesting album opener. It was a listenable track but didn’t jump out at me like ‘Leach’ did.

And to round it off ‘Ranch Wilder’ was quite calmer and had all the clichés of post hardcore that I was expecting when I turned this EP on. The song did give me images of the desert but it only contained dull proclamations from the vocalist about how much he hates his girlfriend and feels so down that he’s on his own again. Something I’m so bored with.

All in all, this album is literally half way there. The first two pieces are enjoyable and worth listening to if you like classic post rock and post punk, but the last two will only please keen fans of modern post hardcore which wouldn’t satisfy those who want more music that has an old school edge.

Review by Demitri Levantis