I AM THE TRIREME’s ‘Gnosis: Never Follow the Light’ Out Now / Full Album Streaming

Philadelphia Black Metallers I AM THE TRIREME have released Gnosis: Never Follow the Light on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The album is streaming in its entirety at this location.



Order Gnosis: Never Follow the Light on CD here.

Few bands can match the ferocity and sheer brutal combination of melodic death and vile symphonic black metal that I AM THE TRIREME (pronounced “tri’ reem”) has conjured. IATT bring forth a relentless, fast paced, crushing wall of blackened brutality and haunting melodies. Listeners can expect to hear a searing, dark, aggressive blend of brutality and purely sinister blackened metal that is sure to leave them foaming at the mouth.

Gnosis: Never Follow the Light is a poignant Passage through the stages of Enlightenment and Ascension. Each song has its own symbol and is comparable to the metamorphic phases of a Butterfly, or in a more morbid sense the five stages of grief. The album leaves room for the listener to use perception as a tool while reaching a common result. Sonically, Gnosis: Never Follow the Light cannot just be lumped into a generic collective genre, attesting to I AM THE TRIREME’s struggle to avoid blending into a scene or live line-up. For IATT the album holds the symbol of constant suffocation and deprivation of carrying out a normal life. Indeed, the band has been completely consumed for two years in the creation of this masterpiece.