Evergrey @ Camden Underworld, London

Evergrey plus support
20th June 2015
Camden Underworld, London
Review and Photographs by Ashlinn Nash

The night closing in around Camden tonight is just awful, the clouds have been pouring all day and there is nothing to liven the spirits to be had. Oh wait, yes there is there is promise of a most excellent line-up down in the depths of the Underworld!

Awake by design [3.5/5] are the first contenders of support duty tonight, with a fairly low level of crowd that soon bulks out, as they strike the first few chords. The band have just released their new and second album “Carve the Sun”.

Awake by design Awake by design


The vocalist Adrian Powell gets stuck in straight away by taking time to rock out with the other members; Dave Favill on bass, the two Lukes on Lead and Rhythm guitars. The band seems through the set to be comfy playing live together and are a very solid unit.

Awake by design Awake by design

As the set goes on they are able to capture the essence of good combinations between power metal, melodic Metal, symphonic metal, heavy rock and really get a grip of their own sound. It starts to grow on the crowd who seem to get more into the vocals, which at first are definitely what you’re expecting.

The band who have been around since 2007 have over time supported Diamond head, Sonata Arctica and Apocalyptica among others, if tonight’s performance is anything to go by with it blasts of power charged music, they would be perfect to do so.


One Machine One Machine

One Machine [3.5/5] , the brainchild of guitarist Steve Smyth (Testament, Nevermore, Forbidden, Dragonlord, Vicious Rumours) rumble on to the stage. They are highly powered up and energised, which works brilliantly on the crowd whuch has now filled out nicely. Again they too are a bit of a surprise vocally, still they punch through and put all effort into displaying their musical skill.

One Machine One Machine

With such a powerhouse in the arsenal it’s hard not to be a fantastic band, with the likes of Steve Smyth and Jamie Hunt (Biomechanical) on guitar duties, the thundering bass lines by Stefano Selvatico (Savage Messiah) and high adrenaline drumming by Michele Sanna (Annihilator). Not even the weather can dampen their spirits, it’s hard not to be mesmerised by the sheer range and distinctive character of the bands vocal hooks against the classic NWOBHM sounds.

One machine One machine

As well as impressive vocals, the front man is not afraid to get himself involved with the crowd and makes the most out of the venue’s tiny capacity. His beacon of energy – despite the hay fever is the  beam that really keeps the band on their toes and upbeat.


One Machine One Machine

It’s not too long before the night’s headliners Evergrey [4/5] are due to hit the stage, coming back with new album “Hymns for the Broken” which has gone down pretty well on these shores.

_0005563 Evergrey

Evergrey Evergrey

The band waste no time when they open up with ‘The Awakening’ which sparked the flames that spread the true clarity of the band’s musical delights,and set the pace through their next effort ‘King of Errors’ from their latest album” Hymns for the Broken”.

Evergrey Evergrey

The Swedish troupe are not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves with their emotionally charged lyrics that expand for more than the initial output, they stay with you for hours after their utterance too. Of course throughout the gig there were mentions of how they nearly ended, and how they have come back once more.

As the night went on they took the captive audience through a journey from throughout their career. As ever the sound in the underworld was a bit patchy, to be fair it’s a small venue so can’t really be helped sometimes. Although it would have been nice to have heard the keyboards and guitars a bit clearer.There was one thing that could be heard [even without a microphone!] and that was Mr Englund’s vocals that have proved yet again how strong and diverse they are. By the end of the encores and the end of the night there was something besides sweat pouring from the band. It was pride in having done such a stellar job!

Evergrey Setlist:
King Of Errors
Leave It Behind Us
The Fire
Monday Morning Apocalypse
Black Undertow
The Masterplan
Mark Of The Triangle
Solitude Within
Wake A Change
A New Dawn
I’m Sorry
Missing You
Encores of When The Walls Come Down
Recreation Day
Broken Wings
A Touch Of Blessing
The Grand Collapse


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