London progressive metallers Seven7 have unveiled a song for free download at PureGrainAudio. The track, taken from their third album The Follower, is a succinct summary of the band’s intriguing blend of styles: groove-heavy prog, Middle Eastern elements and just a hint of grunge. 



PGA commented on the track, saying: “London, England always seems to consistently produce exceptional bands across, more or less, all genres of music and the metal quintet Seven7 is no exception. With three releases already under their collective belts, it’s a shame that we’re only just now hearing of Seven7, but better late than never, right?

You can listen to “Free” here:

The track has also been made into a music video, viewable here:


Having formed in 2005 and gigged regularly around the country, the band are a tight unit of top-notch players, and this shows across their three releases. Seven7 contain a veritable pedigree of names. Swiss guitarist Nicolas Meier has leant his talents to names such as Jeff Beck and several big names in jazz and prog, as well as leading his own band under the same name. His style draws from an adoration of Turkish and Eastern music, as well as jazz and flamenco, all making for fascinating riffs and melodies in Seven7’s maelstrom. Dave Brown initially started as a drummer on the British circuit, but since the 90s has been developing his unique vocal abilities, drawing as much from rockers Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath as from the American grunge scene that spawned Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots. Sally Jo from Perth, Australia, brings a wealth of experience from her time training in classical music and her world fusion band Saharadja, as well as more recently with London metallers Splintered Soul, where bassist Arran McSporran also displays his talents with fretless bass. The virtuoso bassist will also be familiar to those who follow London-based progressive death metallers De Profundis. Like Meier, he also professes a love for Turkish, flamenco and jazz techniques, which can be heard clearly in his writing. Finally, drummer Luke Nelson has quickly established himself as a deft hand at a variety of genre styles, although quickly discovered metal as his calling, and his talents were quickly picked up by Meier.

Seven7 are:

Dave Brown – Vocals

Nicolas Meier – Guitars, Glissentar and Baglama

Arran McSporran – Fretless Bass

Luke Nelson – Drums and Percussion

Sally Jo – Electric Violin [post-album recording]

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Seven7 the Follower