Emerging south west UK metal outfit End Of Daze are pleased to announce the release date for debut album Ascension on 14th September and have also released a taste of what’s to come, a lyric video for track ‘The Tables Have Turned’. 

End of Daze


Watch ‘The Tables Have Turned’ Here:


Hailing from Weymouth, End Of Daze are a passionate young quintet who combine elements of their collective favourite genres. From the melodic guitar work of bands such as Iron Maiden to the pure hate spouted from Australia’s Thy Art Is Murder, from the ever-evolving sounds of Slipknot to that of metalcore kings Parkway Drive. The result is a high energy and melodic sound driven by powerful verses, hard hitting breakdowns and blistering lead guitar work.

Recorded at SVM Studio in Poole with producer Pash Stratton, Ascension tells stories of personal experiences and incites strength in the face of adversity; big choruses and huge guitar driven passages is the end result.

Vocalist Harry Shooter comments, “We had an amazing time in the studio and we’re all so glad to finally have something to show for all our work. ‘The Tables Have Turned’ was probably the most fun to record because we wrote it in the studio… We each had as much input as the other which was different for us because for most of the songs, our guitarist Jack [Wood] would have written all the musical elements alone before bringing a first draft of a song to the practice room for us to refine.”

End of Daze Ascension


Ascension Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Waiting
3. My Awakening (Featuring Elona Holt)
4. On Your Knees
5. The Tables Have Turned
6. The Skies Above (Featuring David Seymour)
7. With Bloodied Hands
8. Whispers
9. Renegade