Cinematic progressive metallers Opensight are proud to present the new track from their upcoming EP Ulterior Motives. “Alibi” is the lead track, introducing the band’s neurotic blend that has drawn comparison to Faith No More, Cynic and similarly eclectic bands, along with the band’s healthy appreciation of film composers in a variety of styles (see for instance the classic James Bond-esque break in the track). 



Rolling Stone commented that the track is “quirky, jazzy and even has a Spy-themed bridge section.


Stream the track here:

Praise for Opensight

Despite how many bands pop up every day, very few actually dare to go beyond the “accepted” handful of influences and elements that can be brought into the music. That’s why what Diablo Swing Orchestra, Unexpect and (now) Opensight do is so damn important. They bring variety to a music that would otherwise risk falling into creative stagnation.” –

Metal Blast

How to keep your metal both “human” and “animal” at the same time? It is a subversion that many have tried to achieve (Metallica, Carcass or Mastodon, among the ones that have succeeded)and it appears throughout this first full length from Opensight.” – Rolling Stone South America.

Sonically, there’s something different about Opensight. The five tracks on The Voice Of Nothing EP take their prog metal influences city such big name as Devin Townsend, Opeth and Cynic and wrap them up in neat little packages.” –

This brief EP offers myriad ideas and showcases the band’s technical prowess in a glowing light. The music largely defies categorisation yet it still sounds cohesive and convincing. An excellent release from a remarkable band – well worth your time.” –Sonic Abuse


Originally starting the band in Colombia, Ivan (Guitars/Vocals) moved to the UK to progress his vision of Opensight. Joining with Gen (guitars), Danni (bass) and finally Redd (drums) the combined styles formed the sound of the present day Opensight. With influences from across musical genres, what started life as a prog metal focused band has evolved into a more dynamic concept, combining the energy of metal, the sophistication of progressive rock and the dramatic edge of film music.

Over the past two years, Opensight have enjoyed playing many great shows including Chaos Theory Music’s ‘The Facemelter’ and the ‘Road To Bloodstock Metal To The Masses 2014’, where the band went through to the semifinals, gaining exposure on some of the UK’s prime media outlets such as TBFM and Metalmouth, and sharing the stage with great bands like Sumer, Darkeye and Jackknife Seizure. Recently, the signature cinematic sound has been further explored with the recording of new material for a new 5 song recording entitled Ulterior Motives, and some forthcoming extra features to be released soon.

Opensight online:

The release date for physical and digital versions of Ulterior Motives is set as 4th September.