CORRUPT LEADERS Release New Track, “Signals”, For Free Download

Canadian crust/grindcore band Corrupt Leaders have posted a new track, entitled “Signals”, for free download via their Facebook page.  It is also available for streaming below.

Comments vocalist RainForest:  “We were recording a song for the upcoming Phobia tribute album last week, and decided to record a new original track as well.  The lyrics pretty much just speculate on the apocalypse… anyway, enjoy it while you can!”

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Formed April 2013 in Windsor, Canada, Corrupt Leaders released two 7″ EPs via Moshpit Tragedy Records (Phobia, Doom, Extreme Noise Terror).  In Feb 2015 they released “Grindmother“, a 3-minute EP which starts off with a guest scream from frontman Rain Forest’s 66 year-old Mother.  A video of her recording session went viral, resulting in a barrage of media coverage and television airplay. 

Corrupt Leaders are currently writing their first full-length album.  They recently performed at Maryland Deathfest XIII and are scheduled to play Aug 21 at Montreal’s Obscene Extreme America, opening for greats such as Agathocles, Full of Hell, Magrudergrind, Trap Them, Dropdead and many more.

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