The prolific instrumental duo of Steve Moore and A.E. Paterra, known as Zombi, have announced a long awaited new album Shape Shift, due via longtime labelRelapse Records on October 16.

The album marks a return to the group’s prog-inclined rock roots after a detour into electronic textures on previous albums, a path that had been informed by pursuing the group as a long-distance studio project following their withdrawal from live performance in 2007.

Energized by their return to the touring circuit in 2013 (supporting Italian horror soundtrack legends Goblin), the band resumed regular rehearsals to compose as a unit. The resulting album is their most cohesive and representative to date, nine songs brimming with head nodding beats and hypnotic keyboard runs.
Moore commented on the new material: “It’s a rock record – think of it as a follow-up to Surface To Air. There are no techno jams or symphonic prog fantasies. No solo track interludes. We have officially moved from ‘studio project’ mode back into ‘live band’ mode.”

It would be neither difficult nor unfair to cite Zombi as a catalyst for the multitudes of soundtrack-oriented synth acts in their wake and the recent surge in reissues of original horror and sci-fi soundtracks. Formed in Pittsburg in 2001, Paterra and
Moore bonded over shared love of the soundtrack works of Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, and John Carpenter, choosing a moniker that evoked the work of the Iron City’s premier horror auteur George Romero (Zombi was the title of the Italian release of Dawn of the Dead). Creating a signature sound out of bass guitar, drums, and analog synthesizers – and demonstrating how to play them all simultaneously in the live setting – their taut musicianship and sterling arrangements create an unmistakable atmosphere, unifying fans of metal, indie rock, horror soundtracks, new age, and dance music, with their prog-minded brethren across the aisle. ZOMBI have made an indelible mark on several marginalized forms of music, a mark which will deepen even further with the release of Shape Shift.

Arriving alongside the Zombi album will be Steve Moore’s original soundtrack to the Belgian horror film Cub. Moore’s haunting synth-based score is a chilling, perfect soundscape for the film, and also stands alone perfectly as an addition to Zombi’s extended discography.

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