Like all the best aural descents into madness, this one has taken its time to ready itself for another level of technical insanity, but now on a much darker plane. It’s time for Dystrophy to showcase the latest step in evolution, their 2nd LP Wretched Host



The album is bookended by two haunting pieces of violin work, provided by guest Ben Karas of Windfaerer and Thank You Scientist, while the meaty tracks in between boast of a dissonant, warped and twisted death metal. Downtuned riffs ring out among a maelstrom of rhythmic shifts, and guttural vocals intone tales of the experience of losing your mind, based on personal experiences. “We wanted the album to convey the narrator’s overwhelming sense of dread and isolation while the disease progresses. Our minds are the only thing we truly have control over, and having that taken away from you and losing that control is terrifying.


Wretched Host was tracked and mixed by guitarist Peter Lloyd at One Stone Recording & Mastering in New Brunswick, NJ, and was mastered by Alan Douches (Atheist, Death, Cannibal Corpse) at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY.


RIYL: Death, Gorguts, Ulcerate


Dystrophy are:

Greg Bueno – Vocals, Bass

Peter Brown – Guitar

Peter Lloyd – Guitar

Matt Thompson – Drums, Tomfoolery

Guest: Benjamin Karas of Windfaerer and Thank You Scientist on electric violin for “Apex” and “Nadir”.


Produced & engineered by Peter Lloyd at One Stone Recording Studio, New Brunswick, NJ.

Assistant engineer: Thomas Murphy. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, New Windsor, NY.

Cover painting by Dan Alex Rivera.

Layout by Kristin Holzer.


Formed in New Brunswick, NJ in 2007, Dystrophy spawned from a DIY ethic which has stuck with the band to this day. Setting the boundaries of their technical style with their first album Chains Of Hypocrisy, they have since obliterated them on their next release Wretched Host, an intensely personal tale of mental health woven into a more dissonant style of technical death metal.


Praise for Dystrophy:

Everything is used to enhance that dissonant tone that always feels like a slow march to the grave, every black hole dive bomb of a downtuned riff taking you one step closer to oblivion.” – Toilet Ov Hell

Wretched Host superbly blends a love for old school/brutal death metal with a modern dissonant complexity, and in the process, Dystrophy have created a sub-niche within the avant-death realms as of yet unexplored.” – No Clean Singing

Much of the album plays out in dissonant waves, bending and ripping in unexpected directions and through twisted experiments… The music could often be considered alien to our feeble human ears, truly acting as a “Wretched Host” as we move through with our parasitic hearing apparatus.” – The Circle Pit

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