John Waller wrote, for BBC in 2008, about the subject: “Sometime in mid-July 1518, in the city of Strasbourg, a woman stepped into the street andstarted to dance. She was still dancing several days later. Within a week about 100 people had been consumed by the same irresistible urge to dance. The authorities were convinced that the afflicted would only recover if they danced day and night. So guildhalls were set aside for them to dance in, musicians were hired to play pipes and drums to keep them moving, and professional dancers were paid to keep them on their feet. Within days those with weak hearts started to die.”



Haut&Court., a band from Strasbourg founded in 2012, which recorded their first EP, “La Vie” in that same year and proud themselves of being influenced by a wide range of genres, from hip-hop to jazz and, of course, all kinds of metal. They’re ready to be the hired musicians – with their debut full-length – and play the pipes and drums to keep you moving. The question that begs to be asked is: are you in for a dance?

“Let’s party like in 1518! Named after the bitch that made Strasbourg dance to death, Troffea is our summon to the madness. The real one. The gate to our inner selves. To our fears, our angers, our envies. Let that shit burst, let it drive you through your life to create your own path and wreak everything left behind.”


MetalSucks is proud to present “Hienes,” just one of Troffea‘s most incendiary tracks. Play it LOUD!!

Troffea is an energy explosion of such power that it’s not difficult to imagine the music it contains compelling crowds to dance to death (or mosh to death, such as the case may be). An act of aural arson, Troffea will grind you to dust, 100% guaranteed.” –