Hex Morbidity Interview

Interview by Öna Genutyte


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Arguably, the most “trve” and “cvlt” black metal bands are solo projects like Hex Morbidity. Probably the most famous and infamous at the same time among them is Varg Vikernes’s Burzum. How does it feel being on a same level playing field as someone like Varg Vikernes?

I don’t really feel like I am on the same playing field, there’s more to Burzum than the music and there are reasons we all know why Varg Vikernes is a household name in some places. As for being “trve” or “cvlt”, I don’t really think about it, a lot of people have said that Hex Morbidity has that sound because the first couple of releases had dreadful production quality, which is something I’ve know changed now, so I obviously don’t take an active interest in fitting into those labels or categories. Personally I don’t listen much to one man black metal, I like some bands such as Burzum, but I wouldn’t call any of them an influence or an inspiration. As for the man who spends his time dodging prison to raise his many Aryan children and teach them how to battle with wooden swords, I hope to not ever be on the same playing field as Varg.

Do you have a black metal name? If not, why?

No I just use my birth name. I see Hex Morbidity as an expression of myself and there’s no need to hide behind fake names. If a stage name came about naturally then I would be appropriate then I’d maybe consider using it, but I’m not going to sit down on my own and try to thing of a way to make myself cooler- it all feels very silly.  Some musicians use them and it works, but it’s not for me.

Where are you based at the moment and how do your surroundings affect your music writing process? It is a cliché that black metallers like to isolate themselves in the woods or mountains.

I really don’t allow myself to be influence by my surroundings. I gather my inspiration and energy from within. I think it is a cliche but it is a fair one. There is something very energetic and invigorating about going to the woods.

Black metal is a broad term. Would you say you are leaning towards a particular sub-genre?

I actually find black metal a very limiting term, and a I think Hex Morbidity goes outside its boundaries so maybe just “extreme metal” is a better term for the band. I use the tag black metal more to attract a certain audience than to define my music, as I think most black metal fans would like us. I wish we could go back to blurring the lines between death/black/doom metal, there is so much cross over and to me black metal is an energy which can be felt across many different genres, from classical to thrash metal. I care more about this energy than anything else.

What bands would you name as your influences?

Dissection, Abigor, My Dying Bride. I listen to so much different music but it is black metal bands that influence what I do for  Hex.

How did you master black metal growls? Are you a self-taught vocalist?

I am self taught, yes, I just started by trying it, finding out what worked best, warm up routines etc. I am always looking to improve so wouldn’t call myself a master, but I look forward to seeing what I can do. I believe in being quite pronounced and clear though, I like people to be able to hear what I’m saying. Apart from some reverb all the sounds you hear are all very natural

Where do you see Hex Morbidity progressing in near future? Are you approaching any labels and or looking similar minded souls to join you?

I would like to see Hex become a live band and get a line up for that within the next couple of years. I don’t find studio work too fun so it will be great to play this music to an audience. I would rather wait until then to approach labels, I want them to be able to fully see what Hex Morbidity is before presenting the band. I don’t have too much hope finding “similar minded souls”, just somebody capable of performing the music with the right attitude.

Any upcoming gigs, single or album releases?

An EP is pretty much finished so that will be coming out in the near future. Check our Facebook and Twitter for updates, and you can hear a teaser song here too.


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