Nekrogoblikon- Heavy Meta

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Razor & Tie/ Mystery Box
Released: 01/06/2015
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Band line-up:nekrogoblikon-500x500

Scorpion – Vocals, Keyboards
Diamond – Guitars, Backup Vocals
Goldberg – Guitars, Backup vocals
Fingers – Bass, Backup vocals
Bready – Drums
Raptor– Keyboards
John Goblikon – Goblin, Holder of the Sacred Keys, Deflowerer of wenches


1. The End of Infinity
2. We’ve Had Enough
3. Bring Us More
4. Snax and Violence
5. Atlantis
6. We Need a Gimmick
7. Full Body Xplosion
8. Let’s Get Fucked (With Andrew W.K)
9. Mood Swing
10. Nekrogoblikon


Nekrogoblikon is a self proclaimed “goblin metal” outfit, a genre created purely for themselves but they will hopefully not be the only band ever to exist within this genre, because goblin metal is ridiculously fun. According to the supposed mythology of this colourful outfit, after having “dicked around in the rural cave networks of Kentucky” for nearly a thousand years, vocalist Scorpion and co decided it was about time they released their album. They started up their own label and production company, Mystery Box, enlisted the help of Deftones’s Nicky Calonne and Children of Bodom’s Matt Hyde (whose influences can be heard heavily throughout the record) for the production stages, and the end result was Heavy Meta, an ear crushing, flamboyant delight.
This record is technically tight, shit tonnes of fun, has supremely confident vocals, awesome double bassy, blasty drum beats, chuggy, gorgeous and ear pleasing guitar riffs with plenty of melodical technicality and class. The band’s self created mythology is superbly tongue in cheek and Gwar- esque, a comparison these guys are likely to be tired of but they should be honoured all the same, as it is a huge compliment.

The stand out tracks on Heavy Meta would have to be ‘Atlantis’ with its skittish drum and synchronous guitar riffs, directly followed by catchy as hell ‘We Need a Gimmick’; It gives us great clean vocals with sing a long catchy lines and superb musicianship, evident via the pure and simple technical yet melodic structure and overall appeal.

Considering the strength of this album, it is pretty difficult when thinking of the weaker, more forgettable tracks. If just one had to be noted as less memorable than the rest of this outstanding album, it’d have to be ‘Nekrogoblikon’. This does not mean in any way that it is a weak track. It means it is just fucking great rather than ridiculously awesome, as this album truly is.

‘Bring Us More’ is somewhat reminiscent of Strapping Young Lad in ways, making this track an absolute personal favourite. It is definitely worth mentioning Andrew W.K’s appearance on ‘Let’s Get Fucked’, featuring a tasteful sample of Mr W.K’s biggest hit, ‘Let’s Get the Party Started’. Although it isn’t one of the album’s stronger tracks, it is in keeping of the fun time theme the band and album alike wish to embody, making it an understandable addition.

Nekrogoblikon perfectly demonstrate that a band can be both technically advanced but not take themselves too seriously. With a satisfying blend of cheering melodies, riff brutality, soul searing vocal delivery all presented in an atmospheric but laid back manner, it is extremely difficult not to manically grin, punch the air and bounce up and down whilst listening to this gem of a record.

Review by Soozi Chameleone