Check out INTEGRAL VORTEX Demo tracks here

Genre: Extreme thrash metal


Tamás Katona (Totya): Bass guitar/Vocals
Attila Bari: Solo and rhytm guitar
Barbara Teleki: Solo and rhytm guitar
Jebelóczki (Benji) Benjámin : Drums and percussion

Link to demo songs:


INTEGRAL VORTEX was formed in July 2013 at Nyíregyháza. The members are known faces of the town’s musical life. Attila Bari (guitar) and Tamás Katona (bass & throat), are played together in following bands: NOISE MACHINE, NEOCHROME, SIN: OVERFLOW, TERMINAL ILLUSION. Barbara Teleki (guitar) played in the heavy metal band called HENIMETAL and changed Tibor Gaál (guitar) who played in FORTRESS and RADAR before. The drummer Benjamin Jebelóczki also played in TERMINAL ILLUSION, FIRE, and had beat the drums in HATÁS ALATTbefore.


The band’s style is extreme, fast, and brutal Thrash Metal, mixed with Florida Death Metal, and some kind of progressive elements, like MESHUGGAH, DEATH, ATHEIST and PESTILENCE. The band plays songs to strengthen the repertoire.

We keep working on our first demo, which will hopefully be released soon and new gigs are waiting for the audience with the new line up.


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