Today, Tyrannus Records announces October 2nd as the international release date for Black Grail‘s debut album, Misticismo Regresivo. The stars cried when presaged by such atrocities that occurred seven years before the cosmic cycle ending 2005 Anno Bastardi, in a third-world nation as Chile. 

Black Grail


The images, smells, and flavors that take place in your mind by the effect of Black Grail are the very reflection of the lowest consciousness level of the human being, those levels you can only get to evoke through the most terrible of the theatrical works. This is why these five revelations were spat from Nosferatu’s ethereal body, since his mortal will is to take you to the blackest of the spiritual paths, through something that many call the rebirth, and to strongly oppose any solar flame or healthy doctrines of illumination. Therefore, since they transgress all ascetic attempts, these odes to the dark will never be understood by the souls that have been drunken by the white side of the esoteric doctrines.
In long periods of an almost an obsessive trance, and two Christian years after, all these emotions were captured in a very humble way of 500 magnetic tapes approximately, which perform some kind of very raw and grinding black metal. With the support of Murmur, another malign spirit, this first act could see the false light on this rotting existence, and this way, to peregrinate in different corners of the world to terminally sicken all the black metal devotees.

After releasing that mixture of sick theories and untamed savagery, Nosferatu and Murmur were accompanied by two lost souls which felt magnetized by the Grail, but for various reasons did not fulfill the expectations, did not make a significant contribution, and were just part of the complete lineup for a short time working for the three live presentations the band did between 2008-2009. These were Exorcist and Grave Molestor (both detonating the chain reaction of a 1000 neutron bombs) and Hanasmussen, who once devastated with the four thunders of the infra-sound chaos.

After that short period of infamy, and coming back to the anonymity without a steady lineup, Nosferatu and Murmur decide to keep materializing new demonic apparitions from the Astral Light. This last entity after giving register services now amalgamates as the second creative component on Black Grail. It’s worth mentioning that the lack of interested spirits in this project forced both of these mortals somehow to execute more than one instrument, but after the roles were designated and with Murmur’s nonconformist and disciplined character, he fitted very well for his development as a percussionist. Nosferatu instead dedicated himself exclusively to take the ax and to rip his vocal cords.

Thus, with their first live manifestations and their work as a duo in a low-profile way, their creativity was procreating sounds worthy of a psychiatric center, along with their development of foul various ideas which took a couple of years, and concurrently they started to refine their performance as interpreters.

The stasis started to show up in that interval. The characters behind Black Grail realized they had wrote something they couldn’t perform decently, even after a significant amount of effort and constant practice, but the technical limitations and all the passing years did not  lessen their will. They had the conviction that those seven visions which came from the dark side of the moon would give, sooner or later, a twist to the history of South American black metal and even the world. Besides,  back then, there was a couple of dark souls that wanted to form a label/distro, which would be baptized as Uncreation Records, whose first release would be a professional work from Black Grail. This is why, and after the long delay that took the recording of the same work, Nosferatu and Murmur decided to record a simple rehearsal that consisted on five new of their antiphons plus two of their old compositions for the owners of the label itself. Such songs got some overdubbed tracks besides the drum/vocal/guitar base acquired in the practice room, and the whole set was baptized as Demo-Reh 2012, which is basically only a demo cassette limited to 13 copies which was not available for sale and could only be obtained through tape-trading ways.

After the unexpected significance Demo-Reh 2012 had and the good commentaries that left at the beginning of 2013, Black Grail enters the studio clandestinely and for the first time to record their first album. Again, the complexity of the cursed songs passed the check of these bastards twice, after they listened to the recorded takes infested with flaws. It’s worth mentioning that in this period, they decided to ally with Tyrannus Imperator “Teufelshammer,” who took charge of the four abysmal strings for a while, but there were some mundane problems that dissolved such union after some time.

This is why, after several months of intense practice, they decided to add new members again: Black Ritual (one of the original founders of Uncreation Records), who took in charge of the four tendons of the undead, and Sadistic Terror staining the sound with the perverse six strings. We have to state, though, that Sadistic Terror wouldn’t make it to participate in the new recordings and was disassociated for personal reasons after a while. The band decides to leave their lives at the gas chamber again definitively. Thus, the steady triumvirate achieves the evangelium by Black Grail finally in early 2014, which can be itemized into seven chapters of ruined psychophonies that come out from the womb one year afterward because of the limitations and difficulties, and encapsulated on CD format by Tyrannus Records. Such album was baptized as Misticismo Regresivo, and just as it was predicted five years ago, it’s been a traumatic experience for the listeners.

The thirst for consuming your being from these demons doesn’t stops yet. This three-egged table has given birth to a morbid fetus that shines as gold, but it’s food for the fateful. It’s one of the non-desired children between Black Grail and France’s Ysengrin, fruit of the incestuous marriage that was baptized Nigredo, the first of the four marriages that will be contracted by the Ysengrin in the name of the mysteries of Alchemy, along with other acts from around the world respectively, in which the renowned label Nuclear War Now! acted as a pederast priest.

Nowadays, Black Grail continues to spill their liquor over the world with a foully focused creativity that pushes the limits of what’s acceptable by society. The bubonic pest has infected its members with the coming of Black Death, infamous specter with a vast criminal record on felonies inflicted with the six silver wires. Achieving with this, new prayers that are taken form so Black Grail can carry with itself the wine which is used to drown the scale of moral values… Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Black Grail album


Tracklisting for Black Grail’s Misticismo Regresivo
1. Diálogo entre Arcanos
2. La ciudadela de Shiva
3. Iluminación oscura
4. Plegaria catártica
5. Elevación frustrada
6. Fotofobia póstuma
7. Carta de un Samsari