Interview with Morass of Molasses

Morass of Molasses’ Frontman Bones kindly allowed us to pick his brain about their debut EP, ‘So Flows Our Fate’, which was re- released on Vinyl today, the thinking behind the bands’ sound and what’s in store for them in the future.
You’re re releasing your debut EP, ‘So Flows Our Fate’, on the 27th August 2015. Why do you think it’s important to follow this trend of bands within the stoner/sludge/doom genres releasing their records in vinyl format?

The EP itself has been available since April on Download and CD. In fact the very tour we did to promote the EP is exactly what has enabled us to afford to get the vinyl version done. For us the very fact that we can now hold our music on vinyl in our hands is a very big deal, made all the sweeter by knowing we have done it without any backing from a label. In a way it serves as a statement of how seriously we take this and how far we are prepared to push at the boundaries of what a new band is expected to achieve.

Each track on the record is based on a disastrous event in history, tell us about that? Also, the highly talented Dominic Sohor designed the EP cover. What inspired you to approach him to design it?

The inspiration behind our very band name is based on the Boston Molasses Disaster, as is the subject matter of the song ‘Rotten Teeth’. This theme then spread throughout the writing process of the whole EP. However, it’s not merely meant to be a factual re-telling of events. We are interested in the human stories buried with these tumultuous times. Therefore each song, while in a historical context, is always written from a first person perspective, as though we were there experiencing the events unfold ourselves. In terms of the artwork; we had spoken to several artists, but after some conversation we decided that Dominic seemed the most suited and the most willing to accommodate our ideas.

You played on the Jägermeister Stage at this year’s Bloodstock Festival, your first BOA appearance. What was that like?

It was one of our best shows to date. The crowd were amazing, and hyped up from the very first chord. Then things just got better and better, even ending the set with a bit of casual crowd jumping/surfing. We also made a huge amount of contacts backstage, and got a great deal of positive feedback from Industry people.

For a three piece band, you have a hugely rich and powerful sound that indicates you have a lot of knowledge on your chosen genre and enough passion to create great music. Is this down to your commitment and determination from the start of the band’s inception or have you gradually strengthened and evolved over time?

Every band evolves as they grow, and we are no different. It’s true we spent a fair amount of time on our sound at the very start; sculpting our tone and making sure all the elements fitted together.  More recently, we have become far better at realising what we are trying to achieve sonically, which in essence is for the music to enhance and enrich the song subject matter.

Lastly, this last year has been extremely active for you, and the bands you have shared a stage with thus far include a lot of well respected and successful bands of the stoner/sludge ilk. What does the future hold for Morass of Molasses? An album? More festival appearances? European tour?

The week following our Bloodstock performance we went straight into the studio to begin work on our yet untitled debut Album. This is scheduled to be released next year, and we are in talks with some labels about getting it out into Europe. Which will no doubt include a European tour as well.
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions, Bones, and we can’t wait to hear the album next year!