FlashFires – Play

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Angry Badger Records
Distributor/label URL: http://angry-badger-records.com/
Released: 2015
Buy Album [URL]: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-play-ep/id979989859
Band Website: http://flashfiresofficial.com/

FlashFires - PlayBand line-up:
Alex Gonzato, Vocals/Guitars
Fraser Roskilly, Guitar
Jon Cullis, Guitar
Liam Kinslow, Bass
Toby Bartlett, Drums

1. 31
2. Shy
3. Lingo,
4. You Say Nothing
5. Circus Boy


Play is FlashFires debut release on Angry Badger Records and being someone who scans the web to look for which act is going to break the mold and to have enough originality and charisma to connect to the audience, listening to FlashFires was very refreshing.

This is five guys who are all thriving to get to the top and Play is speaking my language. Let’s take there first track 31, you don’t get many if any young aspiring bands tinkering with traditional song structure which we all know, as I was listening to this track I was building myself up to a high octane chorus instead it was a very subtle approach which works effectively. Going through the rest of this release, it’s built with well produced catchy memorable tracks with flair and FlashFires have got a lot to live up to following on from their debut release. Shy being their shortest track at only 2:42, but still enclosing that individuality, originality and flair which these five guys from Basingstoke have and are using to full effect. Lingo being their creative compliment leading onto You Say Nothing which has hit written all over the track and Circus Boy which leads you into suspense before kicking in with the hook being well thought out.

This was the first time I’ve listened to FlashFires and they have certainly got my attention as there career progresses into the depths of excitement and unpredictability, they call there genre ‘Fire Indie Disco’ I would have to rename that as ‘Flair Indie Disco’ as that’s what Play has throughout the debut release. Let me make you all think here, a band  from a not well known town in Hampshire, who have got noticed for there desire and musical ability and this won’t be the only band which you’ll hear about all year whether mainstream signed or unsigned, however I challenged anyone to find a well oiled motivated quintet who are 19 in the UK as FlashFires are.

There isn’t any wonder why Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin is a supporter of there ever growing admires, I will be watching to see what the next stage is for FlashFires as they have produced a clinical statement of intent of how you make a impact within the music industry in the 21st century.

Review by Z~Z