Immortal Bird – Empress/Abscess

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Broken Limbs Recordings
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Released: 2015
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ImmortalBird1Band line-up:

John Picillo – Bass
Garry Naples – Drums
Evan Anderson Berry – Guitars
Rae Amitay – Vocals


1. Neoplastic
2. Saprophyte
3. The Sycophant
4. To a Watery Grave
5. And Send Fire



I rarely judge an album by the cover, but when I first laid eyes upon the first full length from Chicago Death Metallers Immortal Bird, I did think the disturbing image of a child having their face attacked by a goose meant this band pulled no punches in being overtly disturbing in their subject matter.

And pain and disgust and plenty of violence is something you’re never far away from on EMPRESS/ABSCESS. Opening track ‘Neoplastic’ is a nice roll of nihilism and the hysterical anguish towards the decline of modern society due to people’s want to kill each other. I was incredibly impressed by vocalist Rae Amitay, so if you want another band who exhibit the talents of female death growls, look this band up.

Second on the bill is ‘Saprophyte’ which reminded me of Bolt Thrower in the late 90s/early 00s and told me this band know how to make death metal. With ever changing guitars and drums that make you picture a rolling boulder bringing impending doom to civilisation. Very impressive if you’re a death metal eccentric.

‘To A Watery Grave’ starts well and gets more and more aggressive as it wares on, so there’s never a dull moment on this album. This is a band who have taken typical themes of a scene which has become oversaturated and rekindled them to start a new series of fires that will out the old and bring in a new wave of angry young people who will know how to make the most extreme of metal.

‘And Set Fire’ is the long closing piece which also made me want to hear this album again because it is worth every second of its 10 minute length. Immortal Bird, being so oddly named will stand out in the death crowd and will do so even more when they play their work and tell the world they know how to make disturbing music with enough riffs to put Pat O’Brien and Alex Webster to shame.

Excellent job and I look forward to hearing more from this band in the immediate future.

Review by Demitri Levantis