Meta-Stasis – The Paradox Of Metanoia

Rating:[3/5]                                                                                                                                                                                                     Distributor/label: Depraved Records
Released: 2015
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Patient 01: Paul ‘Ripply Dipper’ McGarry : Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Stenosis
Patient 02: Dave ‘Heretic’: Tendinosis & Impulse Control Disorder
Patient 03: Benny ‘Rotten’ Green: Low Dead Pulses Department of Bass
Patient 04: Fred “West” Myers: Extreme High Blood Pressure & Irregular Heart Beats

Patient 05: Solomon.J.Lucifier.Christ: Throat Disorder & Psychiatric S-scapes
Patient 06: Anon: With a genetic make-up unknown to man we have been unable to identify this masked lunatic


1. Welcome To The Asylum
2. Thorn
3. Disintegrate
4. United Monarchy
5. Means to an End
6. Fathomless
7. Son of the Priest
8. I Am Nothing
9. Under Your Skin
10. Ways of the Wise
11. Kill Her
12. The Body Suffers While the Soul Flower


This UK 6 piece fuse together death metal, nu-metal and industrial into a solid album. Straight from album opener “Welcome to My Asylum” we are greeted with an intro that goes full pelt into oblivion, it is powerful and intense. The thundering drums and technical guitar give the listener something to get their teeth into, which leads to you wanting to head bang along.

The obvious Slipknot influence is none more apparent than on the track to “The Thorn”, it took me back to Slipknots debut with the samples and layering of noise. That said this is no Slipknot imitation, Meta-Statis have their own sound. Combining blast beats, good guitar grooves and growling vocals, we are given a modern metal album of 2015.

Track “Disintergrate” has a slight slip into some black metal vocals, which works really well and the outtro sample is well mixed. Other stand out tracks for me are “United Monarchy” and “Fathomless”, the break beats and rapid double bass are just immense. There is some dubstep influence in the mix too, giving the album a solid beat and groove. “Kill Her” has a great guitar intro that leads into an awesome song, my definite favourite on the album.

The vocal mix on “The Paradox Of Metanoia” is done very well, as the moments of clean vocals pierce through the roaring guitars and turntable twists well. This album is full of quality musicianship, with ten tracks of mental noise that will leave most metal heads feeling quite satisfied.

Review by Joanna Wilson