The Bunny The Bear – A Liar Wrote This

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: Victory Records
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Released: 2015
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TheBunnyTheBear1Band line-up:

Haley ‘The Bear’ Roback – Clean Vocals
Matthew ‘The Bunny’ Tybor – Unclean Vocals, Production, Bass


01 Vows
02 Love, Trust and Compromise
03 Curtain Call
04 Sick, Sad Eyes
05 Empty Hands
06 Lover’s Touch
07 Oblivion
08 It’s Not Always Cold In Buffalo (Revisited)
09 Sleep Sequence
10 Somewhat Standards
11 Loose Lips
12 Dead Leaves
13 Motions

If there was one thing I wasn’t expecting to find this year, it was a screamo release that I actually enjoyed listening to.

I’ve never been into this area of post-hardcore and when I looked up The Bunny The Bear I was expecting another boring piece of screamed vocals and dull clean breakdowns which made me want to puke. But no, this band had me enjoying myself because the alternating between clean female vocals and the not too bad screams are just right on this release.

From what I gather, this band aren’t just screamo, they experiment a lot and I did see this here and there with some nice use of synthesisers and the odd song sounding like a love ballad. It also gets to the point about suicide on the first few songs so the band pulls no punches when getting to the point and I admire that a lot.

Although, I think this album could have been better had they ditched the unclean vocals completely. A LIAR WROTE THIS is one of those albums which you want to love, but there’s the elephant in the room that makes you feel like you don’t want to admit to liking it. Even though male vocalist ‘The Bunny’ seems to know what he’s doing and doesn’t sound strained, this band could be onto something completely new had they stayed with ‘The Bear’s vocals alone.

This is a band who are interesting and worth checking out if you like a mix of hardcore and synthesiser laden rock, like Synthpunk. Lyrics wise, it gets to the point about depression and losing the ones you love and loss of faith in humanity and doesn’t mess it up – the band know just whom they want to please.

Fairly good piece and it’ll stand out as the first screamo/hardcore album I found quite heartwarming.
Review by Demitri Levantis