Black Space Riders – Refugeeum

Rating: 5/5
Black Space Records
Released: 2015
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Track Listing:amazed

01 Vortex Sun
02 Universal Bloodlines
03 Born a Lion (Homeless)
04 The Lure (Come with us)
05 Run to the Plains
06 Curtains of Death
07 Melek_s Lament (Yazidi Tears)
08 Walking Shades
09 Ritual of inner Strength



The band is a solid mix of pure talent and having something relevant to say. Each song stands up on its own merit. The album doesn’t stick to one type of sound, if asked to guess this bands influences from this album the list would be never ending. It would include The Beatles, David Bowie, Live, System of a Down, Pearl Jam, Massive Attack, Just imagine you can take all your favourite bands from growing up, mix their DNA throw in some personal beliefs and world views and produce a love child, Black Space Riders Refugeeum album is born!

I am somewhat lost for words, this is a rare thing many will be thankful for! Because short of going on the road and becoming a full time groupie I cannot express just how much I am loving this group!

Review by Anita Lyons