Nightslug – Loathe

Rating: 4/5
Broken Limbs
Released: 2015
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loatheBand Line Up:

P.Slug – Bass
F.Slug – Drums
J.Slug – Guitar, Vocals

Track Listing:

1.Vile Pigs
3.The Thrill is Gone – Repulsion
4.Under A Bane
7.Tainted Throne


Though I was a little concerned the track names were nicknames shared by a few of my ex’s I decided to listen in the most non bias way possible, thankfully this album was much more satisfying than most of my ex partners!

The heavy blend of anger and pain in J.Slug’s vocals mix perfectly with the bands aggressive approach. This is an album for the fan of German sludge, its heavy its aggressive and it’s brilliant!

It is definitely an album that should be added to every metal heads collection.

Review by Anita Lyons