Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Hibernacula Records
Released: 2015


Cardinal Andra-Inanyus – Vocals, Guitars
General Marhtuk – Bass, Vocals
Vile – Drums


1. Psalm V: Accursed Be Thy Kingsmen
2. Psalm VI: Banishment of Noble Coercion
3. Psalm VII: The Bestowing of Abhorrence, Universum
4. Psalm VIII: Unbound Bloodletting of the Orthadox Order
5. Psalm IX: Before the Chasm


I only recently got into Exquisite Ending following my introduction by the band Written In Torment who they recently did a split release with. Impressed with the songs on the split I quickly sought to get the album and EP (the first part in the series in which this EP follows) and around that same time saw them live where they also impressed.

So onto this EP; it’s part 2 in the ‘The Rite of Misanthropism’ series and follows on nicely from first EP (their finest output in my opinion). Exquisite Ending visually may appear as a DSBM band, and whilst there are certainly elements of that sub-genre present, there’s a little more on offer here than agonising screams and depressive riffs. In fact, riffs is the key word as Exquisite Ending have no shortage of quality black metal riffs. From raging traditional styles to twisting and grim arpeggios the guitars are really the main musical focus of this EP (and the same with previous releases). The drums sound programmed as despite having a live band, I believe all duties on the recording side of things are handled by just a core couple of the members. It’s of minor importance here but a live kit would really take this to the next level. Vocals are well performed and have plenty of fury end emotion behind them. You really feel the lyrics are being delivered with conviction.

The EP has 4 metal tracks and an outro and runs to approximately 20 minutes. It’s brief but that works well here. Favourite tracks for me are ‘Psalm VII: The Bestowing Of Abhorrence, Universum’ and ‘Psalm VIII: Unbound Bloodletting of the Orthodox Order’, the latter particularly sticks in the mind with the repeating chant at the end; “Slay thy self, for the void to live, you must die. Free thyself, submit to self-eradication” and features some of the grimmest vocals I’ve ever heard. Great stuff and a band to keep an eye on.