Rating: 4/5
Altare Productions/Mordgrimm
Released: 2015


Nuno Craveiro – All instruments
João Freire – All instruments


1. A Thousand Circles
2. Wind and Branches
3. Alma
4. Below a Celestial Abyss
5. The Absence of Void


Released in June by Altare Productions and Mordrgimm comes this debut offering from Portuguese duo, Nevoa.

In essence this is firmly placed in the black metal genre, with all the key ingredients from fast strummed guitars, fast drums, cavernous screams and grim rasps. However the whole album has an almost serene tone to it. Progressive and shoegaze spring to mind, but with neither of those terms being 100% accurate.

There’s a definite vibe of the likes of Wolves in the Throne Room, Enslaved and Alcest whilst retaining a certain underground darkness and aesthetic to the whole release. The use of acoustic and clean guitars throughout further adds to the more natural and organic vibes one would expect from the aforementioned styles. The production still has enough honest grit to make it appeal to the more underground black metaller whilst also being accessible enough to appeal to a wider audience.

Featuring five tracks, all of which are either epics or bordering on epics, Nevoa takes the listener on a bit of a dreamy journey through both darkness and light. Contrast is a great thing in black metal and Nevoa have fine-tuned this perfectly within their own niche shifting effortlessly from raging blast beat laden black metal to light acoustic passages. Especially given that this is their debut offering I’m particularly impressed. The album is split by the third track ‘Alma’ which is entirely clean with clean female vocals throughout and is a superb break point in the album.

I’d highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys epic and melodic black metal, which still holds on to the underground values. The album is limited to only 500 digipacks to so I recommend trying to pick on up if you can. It’s certainly going on my list!