YEAR OF THE GOAT – The Unspeakable

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Napalm Records
Released: 2015

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Band line-up:

Thomas Sabbathi vocals, guitar. Marcus Lundberg guitar. Don Palmroos guitar. Fredrik Hellerström drums. Tobias Resch bass. Pope mellotron,vocal.


1. All He Has Read
2. Pillars of the South
3. The Emma
4. Vermin
5. World Of Wonders
6. The Wind
7. Black Sunlight
8. The Sermon
9. Riders Of Vultures


Occult Doom Rock is what was promised to us with this release, despite the fact that I could have sworn that Doom and Rock have many deep links in with the occult, pretty much from their initial conceptions?

But I digress, this second offering by the Swedish band succeeds in adapting the old school sound of vintage Doom and mixing it with modern stylistic changes and production techniques. There’s a big emphasis on the more progressive side of rock, (the first track clocking at 13 minutes) but the doom tones and epic harmonised EVERYTHING also play a big factor in the overall sound of this album.

What I enjoy the most is the band seem to be following very clear story lines and paths in every song, not being afraid to traverse to many different genres in nearly every proceeding section of music. The songs are so conceptual that they become like the score for a bizarre musical cabaret.

The vocals could be a turn off for some, being very over theatrical and thick in emotion. But I feel they really fit to the overall vibe this album is conveying with it’s sound.

Review by DP