Adelaide post-hardcore band Sealed Our Fate sky-rocketing in the Australian Metal Scene!

Adelaide, South Australia – Just after their last live performance at Fowlers playing alongside popular deathcore legends Chelsea Grin, Adelaides post-hardcore band Sealed Our Fate are set to hit the stage yet again for their second tour in Indonesia!

Sealed our fate2

Despite only joining the local metal scene last year, the quartet have soared over the last twelve months, building an impressive following and a unique sound incorporating influences from a wide variety of genres. Following the recruitment of lead vocalist Scott Veal in early January, the recording and release of debut EP Welcome to Armageddon immerses listeners into a memorable plethora of heartfelt melodic and heavy musical tracks, influenced by lead guitarist Oscar Chambers classical and blues training consolidated with Scott’s previous experiences in the heavier realm of metal.

Although drummer Aaron Goldsworthy and the Chambers guitarist twins avidly study full-time, the consistency of releasing new content proves unwaverable, with the recent single and music video release ‘Heartbreaker’, connecting strongly through every listener who can empathise with heartbreak. However the sweltering pace doesn’t stop there. Compositions for a second EP are currently underway, with arrangements of being back in the recording studio on the horizon.

Sealed our fate

Indonesia, known for its metal community being a standout amongst the most passionate and dedicated scenes on the planet, is not surprisingly one of main three countries contributing to the continuous amount of support for Sealed Our Fate, with the remaining two being Australia and The United States of America. Recognising Indonesia’s level of love and demand for metal, December has notably been marked for their eagerly awaited huge international Indonesian tour!

The Australian and international metal scenes will expect to see more of Sealed Our Fate as time permits, with future visions incorporating further music videos, tracks, and epic tours to both America and Europe. So keep an eye out for the latest updates and details from Sealed Our Fate via their Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts!