Symbolon – Rise of the Antelopes [EP]

Rating : 2.5/5
Distributor Label : APR RecordsReleased : July 2015
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10703539_866145030064463_8991970717503382686_nBand Line up:

Jakob Plochberger – Bass/Screamo Vocals
Florian Wagner – Guitar/Clean Vocals
Sebastian Spreitzer – Guitar
Hannes Lettner – Drums

1. Cerberus
2. Fragments
3. Rise Of The Antelopes
4. White Hills

Symbolon are a metalcore band from the Austrian town of Amstetten, smack bang in between Saltzburg and Vienna, and are a band definitely trying to find their own sound.

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of the EP, the mix isn’t great (not unusual for a young band’s first effort) and nothing seems to knit together, the screamo vocals are more scratchy and the clean vocals just don’t seem right.

If I was a betting man, I’d also say that , although it doesn’t mention it in their bio as an influence, I’d say they have listened to a lot of Trivium as the first two songs are cloned from them.

These two (Cerberus & Fragments) are nothing much to write home about, however track 3; the title track, ROTA, and track 4; White Hills, actually have the band thinking and stretching themselves, instead of trying to be someone else.

ROTA has a good groove going on in it and the vocal mix on this one works, so more of this please boys!

White Hills starts slowly and is an easier paced track that owes a lot to Black Sabbath, but if you’re going to be influenced by someone, that’s not a bad start! It’s obvious that there is a lot more to come, and these guys are still learning their trade, and the lack of bass in the mix is unforgivable, but as we forgive our children for their indiscretions, it would be wrong to cast these guys aside as I’m sure that they will be working hard on their sound & predict that they will deliver a sophomore product to be proud of.

Review by Gavin Lowrey