No More Room In Hell – No More Room In Hell

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label:  Self Released
Released: 2015
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12032028_609845002487364_8850551379382346591_nBand Line Up

Mark Gleed – Vocals
Anil Carrier – Drums and guitars

Track Listing
  1. The Dead Will Walk The Earth
  2. The Warmest Place To Hide
  3. Ave Versus Christus
  4. Never Sleep Again
  5. System
  6. The Soil Of A Man’s Heart
  7. Join Us
  8. The Innocents

Zombie flick inspired modern deathsters No More Room In Hell might roll out a few clichés in their music but the sound itself is ear bleedingly proficient. This eponymous offering starts out with a spoken intro that is effectively turning the first page on a story of gore and mayhem, the rest you can pretty much guess at. As with many extreme metal projects these days this one features just two recording members. Mark Gleed of Amputated fame provides the throat while Anil Carter (Throes, Binah, Towers Of Flesh, The Solemn Curse and Theoktony) uses his multi instrumentalist skills to the full.

The result is predictably brutal but with a rumbling groove that stops the music from running out of control. The modern vibe is brought home on ‘Never Sleeps Again’ which has a touch of Carcass about it. In fact the whole album has a grind core feel without actually having much of the genre’s tell tale traits. With some song run ins punctuating the music for up to forty five seconds (The Soil Of A Man’s Heart) the flow does go astray times. In an effort to get the horror film theme across some continuity is lost.

That said I can’t see anyone complaining in a metal club when any of the tracks get played. There’s plenty to satisfy the moshers. Gleed’s vocals are damn good too, clear enough to get much of the lyrical content, a sign of real quality in death metal music. What really comes across, and gives this album a boost is the fact that it’s been made by musicians who clearly love the horror genre. You can almost feel their enthusiasm. While fitting well into a niche within a niche No More Room In Hell might just be the ultimate heavy metal Halloween album, one you can play all year round.

Review by Gary Trueman