Metal band-project NYSIIS new EP titled Reboot.EXE / Sequence 1 has been released.

Ryan Reedy (Co Creator / Founder of Extinction Level Event / All Bass Prog Metal) is pleased to announce his lifelong progressive / experimental metal band-project NYSIIS new EP titled Reboot.EXE / Sequence 1 has been released.

Reboot.EXE features some special guest guitarists with “Shred Sean” of Blessed By A Broken Heart and Ron Dalton JR of Azymyth. The EP art design is by Steven McCorry of Exotype.

The album is free for everyone to enjoy. There is a little of everything for everyone with some atmosphere, shred, groove, instrumental, polyrhythms and breakdowns all performed on 6 string guitars.

1. Into A Dream
2. The Other
3. Masters of The Universe
4. Don’t Look Back
5. Song For
6. 40 Something

Nysiis EP Cover
Nysiis EP Cover

The amazing guest solo tracks on Into A Dream and The Other feature “Shred Sean” of Blessed By A Broken Heart. Masters of the Universe features Ron Dalton JR of Azymyth.  Album art is by Steven McCorry of Exotype. Ryan Reedy sends thanks to all the past and present band mates Trey Harding (Extinction Level Event ) on drums. Duncan Pardue of (Extinction Level Event) on bass. Other guest guitarists include Ross Ward on 40 Something. Ryan Reedy also sends thanks to Emmett Ewald, Ethan Snyder, Wesley Hancock and Rick Massey for being a part of the Nysiis project down through the years.