One-sloth fuzzy doom project Sloth. has unveiled his first full-length Slow As Sh*t over on PureGrainAudio. The album has drawn much praise for its relaxed and meditative style, including comparisons to Bongripper andPallbearer



The site commented on the release, saying “With influences such as Boris, Electric Wizard, Pallbearer, and Bongripper you just know that Sloth’s brand of doom and sludge-infused metal is just going to rip!


You can stream the album via the site here:


Slow As Sh*t is due for release on 28th September via Bandcamp.


* Profanity editing is ours, not the artist’s.
The age of the Sloth is widely believed to have begun in around 2014AD, but many scholars still debate this today. The discovery was made by Blake Caverly when he heard its deep, sludgy call flowing down Stanmore Hill. Following it led him to the petrified remains of an ancient, giant sloth, half-buried by time. Its rigid claws were wrapped tightly around something, as if it had died trying to protect it. Blake managed to peel back the claws to find a set of Pallbearer, Bongripper and Boris CDs. Upon removal of the final CD, something awoke inside the carcass, and Blake Caverly was never the same again.

His first account of the incident is due out at the end of September, then we will finally know what really happened that night in Stanmore Forest…

Sloth. is:
Blake Caverly – all instruments

Guest vocals by Mikey ‘Churchburner’ Gascoyne of Valravn on ‘Nothing But Leaves’.

Sloth. online: