Jungle Rot Premiere Unreleased Track

Wisconsin death metallers Jungle Rock are premiering their take on the classic Hallows Eve track “Speed Freak” with Decibel Magazine. The track is part of Decibel’s Flexi Series, which sees an ultra-limited vinyl flexi disc released with each issue.

Jungle Rot“We figured if anyone was gonna cover Hallows Eve, it would be a song from their first two albums,” says bassist James Genenz.  “But we chose to go with something from their third album, Monument, as it’s usually overlooked.”

David Matrise (vocals/guitar) on the track, “’Speed Freak’ was the song that I would play over and over again and again in my first car going to school.  It’s the song we always played hanging with my buddies years ago driving to party’s and fucking shit up!”

Give it a listen exclusively at Decibel Magazine or directly from SoundCloud.

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