V For Violence – The Book Of V

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: http://www.inverse.fi/
Released: 2015
Buy album: http://www.inverse.fi/shop/
Band website: http://vforviolence.com/

bookofvBand line-up:

Jarkko E.J. Lähderanta – vocals
Janne Salo – guitar
Miikki Kunttu – drums
Jani Rahkonen – bass
Riku Vuorio – guitar


1. The Hated Saint
2. The Downfall Pt.I: To Feel Alive
3. Never Enough
4. Like It Like That
5. I Need You
6. A Place To Fill
7. God On Trial
8. Sodomedia
9. Not A Word
10. What The Fuck!
11. The Downfall Pt. II: Amourageddon


V For Violence released their debut full-length album (“The Cult Of V”) in 2009 but it’s not just six years that separate it from the sophomore “The Book Of V”; it’s a whole enhancement process as well. Having started out drifting between modern alternative metal and metalcore, they are now more focused on an industrial sound, which ultimately serves them better.

Despite the name, their music has a melodic, groovy touch to all those grinding beats and heavy riffs that industrial metal offers. It doesn’t cut the edge off, no; just tones down the rawness in the right measure, for one to realize the detailed work of each track. Except maybe for “Sodomedia” – that one is kill-kill-kill all the way. “A Place To Fill” starts out just the same, but then a solo makes the difference. “The Hated Saint”, “Like It Like That” and “God On Trial” are the ones most likely to stick in your ear. As well as “What The Fuck”, but this one I had to talk about on a separate note, as I wanted to assure you that it’s its compelling, catchy rhythm that will make it a earworm and not the popular swearing expression.

V For Violence also have power ballads in the form of the seductive “I Need You” and then both parts of the dark but enthralling “The Downfall”. Aggressive but sophisticated, “The Book Of V” is quite a promising album within the genre.

Review by Renata Lino